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Happy New Year and Green Day Community 2010 Calendar

Green Day Community 2010 Calendar - Front - Click on Pic to Download Calendar

Happy New Year from New York City – or more specifically, Brooklyn!

What can I say about 2009? Well, a lot, but I’ll spare you the details. Let’s suffice it to say that Green Day helped get me through a pretty tough year of genocide-related research and activities. Through following Green Day this year, I have met some great folks from the entire spectrum of Green Day fans and a multitude of nationalities. And I even got to meet Billie Joe and Tre. So while I’m currently sick and broker than sin at the moment, it’s been one of those years that I will never regret, even the genocide part. I was able to travel to Europe twice (once to see Green Day in London), out to California twice (to see American Idiot – The Musical as well as attend Fake New Year’s with the band), out to San Antonio (and guess who I saw there?), and four other Green Day shows in the New York area. As to genocide, both conferences that I presented at turned out to be pretty good. If you’d like to see one of my presentations, you can view it here and scroll down to Tanya Elder.

It’s been a great year but the time has come to say farewell to 2009.

Tomorrow, 2010 will be upon us as we leave the first decade of the 21st century behind in the dust. For the most part, I’m going to have to say good riddance to it. This first decade of the new century has been turbulent, life-shattering and plain awful. But at least we’re all still here, I suppose. Who knows what the new decade will bring? Let’s hope only good things as we continue on the road to the Breakdown.

There’s more great stuff coming from Green Day in 2010, and I hope you’ll stick around to enjoy the band and my quaint little blog. Remember, I’m only blogging about Green Day through to the official end of the 21st Century Breakdown current tour, whenever that happens in late 2010. So until then, here’s a calendar made by the kids (and somewhat proofed by me) over at the Green Day Community to highlight each month of 2010 with Green Day views and facts. Click here or on the calendar front page image above to download your Green Day Community 2010 Wallpaper Calendar. The image below has previews of all of the months as well as the authors of each page. Click on the pic to preview the calendar.

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Green Day at the MTV Video Music Awards: Kill the Pyro!!! Kill the Pyro!!!

SweetVendetta at the GDA recently saw this MTV special on the backstage antics at the MTV Video Music Awards last September. Green Day held an impromptu performance after their rehearsal for the tired MTV crew. During the live performance, Billie and Mike dragged a bunch of people onstage without telling anyone that they were going to do it… and while all those people were engulfing the “about 5″8″‘ Billie, Tre couldn’t see him to end the song. The MTV crew had to “kill the pyro” before anyone from the audience was set on fire. The clip also includes the pyro that was supposed to happen in the song. I’m not quite sure why they had to kill the pyro since it was behind Tre… but… it was probably for the best!

It’s a funny clip, and also has a backstage view of Pink’s amazing high-trapeze performance as well.

Here’s the link to MTV’s October 13, 2009 Buzzworthy blog which includes other backstage videos as well.

You can see the clip of Green Day’s full performance here. You can read about my heading up to Radio City Music Hall since I was in the neighborhood and seeing GD leave rehearsal here. (And yes, I WAS JUST IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD that day…no. Seriously. I was!)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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NYT: Reggae and Rock Operas, Intimacies and Anthems

Clover at the Green Day Authority posted a link to a nice article from the New York Times written by Jon Pareles on what he considers 2009’s best in music. Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown is at #3 with the following:

3. GREEN DAY “21st Century Breakdown” (Reprise) Green Day’s second rock opera is more ambitious than “American Idiot”: richer, more diverse, more urgent, more flat-out tuneful and also more confusing. The ultimate target of the songs’ rage and frustration can be unclear — the most pointed song can only ask “Do you know your enemy?” — but the ambition and the spirit of punky rebellion are strong. (Jon Pareles, New York Times)

Maybe he could have left the word, “punky” out, but it’s a good blurb. And I don’t know if 21st Century Breakdown is “confused” so much as “ambiguous.” However, I completely agree with the “ambition and spirit” part. Anyway, pop on over to read Pareles’ other picks as well as listen to clips of select music, including “Know Your Enemy.”

Los Luchadors y Las Luchadoras

I was listening to The Network today while rearranging my mind, and started thinking of wrestlers… Luchadors, Luchadoras and Snoos…

El Luchador. Table Top, San Loco, Avenue A, NYC

The First and Only Luchador: The Snoo

More Luchadors and Luchadoras after the break!

BJ’s Blue Wishes You… a Merry Christmas… Ornament

UPDATE: Dorie Watts, who made this beautiful replica of Blue, asked me to hold off on her name due to the holiday season. Now that Xmas is over, thank you to Dorie so much for making this and sharing these wonderful photographs of the ornament as well!


I cannot say at the moment who made this beautiful replica of Billie Joe’s guitar known as Blue (I’ll let you know after the Xmas holiday) but I can say that when I saw pictures of it I went, “oooooooh.”

It’s sweet.

And with that, I’ll see you on the other side of the frigging holiday.

And, Merry… Christmas.

BJ's Blue Christmas Ornament

BJ's Blue with Guitar Player Cover

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Mystic Knights of the Cobra Live 9PM PST 12/23/09

If they can keep their PBRs uncorked, er… corked, that is, the Mystic Knights of the Cobra will be appearing live tonight in the Oakland area on Pirate Cat Radio. You can find a link on their Facebook page with the announcement, or attempt to click here to listen live.

And if you are in the Crockett, CA area, check out the band for New Year’s Eve at Toot’s.

Toots NY with the Mystic Knights of the Cobra

Adrienne and Billie Joe Armstrong Wallpaper by Naomi Lir

Billie Joe and Adrienne, "Christian and Gloria," by Naomi Lir

Naomi Lir, a.k.a., BillieJoesEntourage, has created a nice “Christian and Gloria”-type wallpaper from a second photograph taken at the American Idiot opening, a reverse image of the one below of Adrienne and Billie, both of which show off Adrienne’s beautiful tattoos. You can download a large version of the above wallpaper here or by clicking on the image above. Check out more of Naomi’s work at her DeviantArt site as well.

I don’t post often about the wives or family members of Green Day. For one thing, the band is pretty private about their lives, and personally, it’s none of my business. I make an occasional exception for Adrienne Armstrong, however. From what I can tell, she is pretty neat and incredibly gorgeous, and it’s obvious that after 15 years of marriage, Billie and Adrienne are in love. And it’s a beautiful thing in this day and age of temporary rock star marriages.

People find this blog, according to my search engine stats, by looking for variations of “Adrienne and Billie” moreso than any other aspect of Green Day. I have only posted two photographs of them together, a really hot one of them for their anniversary this year (hey, what, it was published!), and the one below at American Idiot in Berkeley. These two posts are the most consistent photographs or subject that people stumble upon.

Adrienne and Billie Joe Armstrong, Premiere, Green Day's American Idiot at the Berkeley Rep.

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Go Mix This and Listen to Lauren’s Mash Up

As you may know, Verizon sponsored the North American leg of Green Day’s tour that kicked off back in July of 2009. Verizon produced the numerous soundchecks that occurred during the tour (I believe the soundchecks were great events for fans but I am not quite sure what the band thought of them), as well as free t-shirts, food, games, cool photographs outside of the venues that were flashed onto the big boards above the stadiums pre-show, and concert footage at both the VCast Verizon GD site and Facebook.

The Green Day VCast site is now offering you the chance to re-mix a few songs from 21st Century Breakdown. The best remix wins some awesome gifts: both a guitar and a drum kit signed by Billie or Tre.

Go on over and remix your own and take a listen to the entry by Lauren Banjo. Lauren attended one of the soundchecks during the tour, and actually got Billie Joe  to sing “Misery” from Warning during the soundcheck by providing him with the lyrics. It was epic.

You can read about my take on the somewhat sacred vibe of the soundcheck (or rehearsal), for the performer, here.

*News via GDA and Facebook

CoS Band of Decade and RS Readers: Warning 17th Most Underrated Album

There’s been a billion lists lately regaling the musical best of the decade, the worst of it, and everything else in between. Rolling Stone readers of their “Rock and Roll Daily” recently placed Green Day’s 2000 album Warning on its list of the Top 20 Most Underrated Albums of the Decade, coming in at #17. I first listened to Warning this year and there is a great part of me that wishes I had heard its musical battle cry to arms at the dawning of the new century. The early part of the decade for me was full of anger and bitterness over our political system and I didn’t have any music in my life at the time to sustain me through the turmoil and the political transition of Presidents Clinton to Bush. I’ve written a bit about “Macy’s Day Parade” (a thoroughly depressing song for me, unlike for some people) and Warning here before, if you’d like to read it.

Mary P. posted a Youtube video link of a performance by Green Day of “Waiting,” a song that I would pull teeth to hear Green Day sing live… hey guys… next year on tour, pretty please… with cheeries on top?? This is from a performance at the California Music Awards, though I don’t know what year they played the awards:

“Waiting” – California Music Awards – Green Day – Year Unknown

CoS – Consequence of Sound, has named Green Day “Band of the Decade.” And of course, if you read the comments over there from the lame-assed whiners pouting that “Green Day sucks,” wwwaaahhhaah, I would just recommend that you, as a reader, laugh it off and know that your favorite band, Green Day, is the Band of the Decade. From the moment that the year 2000 hit (Warning), to the middle point of the decade (American Idiot), right until the very end of this most tumultuous and stomach-churning new century (21st Century Breakdown), Green Day has been there for YOU, the fan, the most important entity in the world to them (Ok, besides their family and friends, but still, you know what I mean). And I don’t even have to mention those other extracurricular bands that have fueled them in between this decade’s albums. If, of course, those bands were “really Green Day.” I still don’t believe it! LOL.

Even from my point of view in hindsight, they seem to “do what they want to do when others do what they are told.” Not what the music industry tells them, not MTV, but their dedication seems to be to the music that they want to play. Or as CoS says, “They are what they’ve always been: three guys with a sense of melody.” Yes, sure, it’s gotten bigger and bolder and the marketing has kicked into hyperdrive lately that I’ve noticed (how many songs can they stick into movies these days, really?), but on the whole, the boys keep it real, particularly in concert where they are throwing a giant party and inviting you to join in.

I’ve written before about how Green Day fans have to put up with all kinds of crap about being Green Day fans, and what I always come down to is this: “we don’t care what anyone says bad about Green Day.” So take their mealy-mouth whining with a grain of salt –  take it like a man – and read why Consequence of Sound says that Green Day is the Band of the Decade. And don’t forget to go and watch the videos that they have included in their commentary. And if you decide to add a comment, just remember, YOU know that CoS is right. (Thanks, Sharon, for the link!)

2000’s Warning may be the most underrated album of the decade. For one, everybody remembers it, but not until you remind them. It was swept under. The band opted for acoustics, the fan base opted out. But at its heart, it’s the band’s most decisive record in their discography, as it’s the first time they truly carved something differentWarning hardly screamed, but when it did, it wasn’t an angsty wail, it felt… mature. The mud-chucking Armstrong sounded more like John Lennon than Jesse Michaels (or Paul Westerberg) and both Dirnt and Cool spent the extra time to bring in some extra fills and key changes. Songs like “Warning”, “Waiting”, and the magnum opus “Minority” spoke different tongues, and while some fans “got it”, the album plummeted in sales, despite the broad critical support. This led to the release of a greatest hits compilation, which is just a sign that the label needs more money, the awkward Pop Disaster Tour, where the three opened for Blink-182, and even discussions about splitting up the band.

But here’s where things get interesting. Armstrong, Dirnt, and Cool pushed forward, recording the long delayed follow up, Cigarettes and Valentines. Call it fate, call it a draw of luck, or call it a brilliant restart, but the tapes were stolen, and the album was eventually canceled. Shoot to 2004, the music industry receives its most iconic concept album since Radiohead’s OK Computer. It’s called American Idiot, and while it doesn’t take off immediately, it goes on to be the band’s most successful album since 1994’s Dookie. The band’s back. Radio stations of every genre play “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” ad infinitum, the American Idiot tour sells out everywhere, and by 2005, the album snags a Grammy for Best Rock Album (not counting the four other nominations, which includes Best Album). The biggest surprise? Armstrong’s a house hold name, a modern rock hero to new generations.


No, if the band’s taught us anything this year, it’s that they’re just a straight up, honest-to-god rock band with little to no pretensions. What else do they have to be? Not punk rockers. After all, they told the punk genre to fuck off back when “Basket Case” hit MTV in the summer of 1994, and by the time they squeezed out “Nice Guys Finish Last”, anyone still snubbing them were yesterday’s news. They are what they’ve always been: three guys with a sense of melody. It’s that same mentality that put The Beatles on the proverbial rock ‘n’ roll pedestal, it’s that sort of attitude that draws crowds of every age, demographic, and nationality. What’s more, they love their fans. Since the early ’00s, their shows attempt to incorporate older and younger audiences in any way or form possible; either through singing along, pulling tykes on-stage for support, or passing out guitars to prospective rock ‘n’ roll heroes to come. That’s why the idea of Harmonix working with the guys for an incarnation of Rock Band isn’t surprising in the slightest. In fact, it was probably just another way they wanted to reach out to kids — because really, it’s doubtful they’re in it for the money (if they ever were in the first place).

At the end of the day, they just know what it’s like to be a band. God, do we even remember what a band is anymore? One downside of this decade has been everyone’s incessant need to find some obscure act we have no idea about (and the internet’s made that easy for everyone to do, of course). Well, Green Day has always been the opposite. They want to be a band for everybody. This past July, we wrote about their time in Chicago, concluding, “Risky or not, Green Day continues to tear the house walls down, pillar by pillar and generation after generation.” This statement says it all. They’re a party that will never slow down, that will take each hurdle with the smartest consideration, and they will never tire. But don’t worry, you can always join in on the fun. They sort of pride themselves on having an open-door policy.

News via GDA, Mary P., Sharon M.

Highlights from the Breakdown: Redundant

What can I say about the acoustic encore that Green Day performs at the end of their shows? Well, for one thing, the solos always make me a little depressed because I know that another great party is about to end. In London, I almost burst into tears during Billie Joe’s encore, silly me! I was sad because I knew it would be my last GD show of the year (though I did see them in L.A. during “New Year’s”) and I would have to get on a plane and leave the incredible people I had met during Rocktober.

Billie Joe usually throws in the same songs during the encore, mostly “Wake Me Up When September Ends,” “Macy’s Day Parade,” and of course, “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” but he occasionally tosses in a new standard. In Melbourne on December 16, it was “Redundant.” Thanks to PhoeniX726 for the video. (And yes, the dude singing along is annoying, but deal with it!)

“Macy’s Day Parade” and “Redundant” – Green Day – Melbourne – December 16, 2009