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Hella Lot Happening in Green Day Land

Can there be more going on in the Land of Green Day, I ask you?

First of all, they wowed the Far East and Japan with their amazing tour that ended last weekend, while AMEX advance tickets went on sale and the website for American Idiot on Broadway went live; then they announced that the entire cast of AI will be backing them on tonight’s Grammy Awards… and still yet more, tomorrow, February 1st, the video that was shot during the recording of “21 Guns” with the cast will be available on AOL Music. Hot damn, that’s a lot of stuff!

Green Day is nominated for Best Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals for “21 Guns,” Best Rock Song for “21 Guns,” and Best Rock Album for 21st Century Breakdown.

You want rehearsal shots of Green Day and the cast you say? Then click here or the pic below.

Rebecca Naomi Jones and Billie Joe Armstrong with Green Day and American Idiot Cast

If you want to hear what’s going on backstage tonight, then follow three of AI’s cast members on Twitter (Gerard Canonico; Declan Bennett; and Libby Winters) or you can follow and tweet to #AIgrammys for all of their updates and more. For those of you around the world, Green Day TV and the Grammy site are streaming the awards live.

Oh, and did I mention that “Last of the American Girls” is being filmed as the next video? I didn’t? Well, consider it mentioned.

In addition to all of this, Green Day donated $100,000 to the American Red Cross for Haiti Relief and Adeline Records raised a lot of money through their Charity auction that ended yesterday. I’m not sure how much was raised, but the test pressing of American Idiot that was being auctioned went for about $1100. A true prize for any collector and helpful for the Haiti relief efforts at well.

Oh wait! Did you hear that an unreleased Foxboro Hot Tubs video (and no, they are not Green Day) to Stop, Drop and Roll was leaked and is out there somewhere? You are going to have look for it yourself, though. It’s pretty great, but it’s also pretty obvious that the band didn’t want the video out at this time as Warner Brothers is yanking it from Youtube  left and right.

Lastly, on a slightly sad note, the Green Day Community forum has experienced a bad server crash and they don’t know yet whether they have lost their huge database of postings. This isn’t the Green Day Authority, but the forum. The GDA is still up and running and they will let everyone know as soon as they can what is going on. Keep your fingers crossed!

American Idiot on Broadway on Facebook posted a picture of the New York Times full-page advertisement from today’s edition. See that after the jump, and now, I’m out of here since I’m watching the Red Carpet on E! and the TVGN networks. If you don’t want to watch all of the Grammys, the AI twits have noted that they will be performing toward the beginning of tonight’s show.

Whew! That’s a hella lot!

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Adeline Records Charity Auction for Haiti

Adeline Records 000 Logo

Adeline Records announced a charity auction today via their Facebook page and Adeline Records website. All proceeds from the auction will help Doctors Without Borders with their relief efforts in Haiti.

eBay items for auction include Rock Band (not the GD version) items, vinyl from Green Day, the Foxboro Hot Tubs, AFI, and Broadway Calls; Green Day’s “Live from Tokyo” EP on CD, as well as a “Rock of Art” catalog. So head on over and bid for stuff to fill out your own personal collection and help Doctors Without Border help Haitians with much needed medical care. It’s still a massively desperate situation in Haiti and while we’re all broke here in the States right now, at least most of us have a roof over our heads for the most part.

Follow Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) on their Facebook page or on Twitter for all the latest updates on their efforts in Haiti and around the world.

Green Day Concert, VH1, 1/22 and Mike’s “Rudy’s Can’t Fail” Diner, Food Network, 1/25

Mike on Billie, Hong Kong. Photo by Chris Dugan,

Green Day’s Japanese tour leg began early this morning, Eastern Standard time, and the fan community is hella happy with an acoustic version of “Redundant” that was played at the second encore. There is a video, but I’m going to wait to see if a better one shows up. Tony Anastazi, who I met in London, traveled from London to Osaka to see the tour. He showed up without a ticket after not being able to find a way to purchase them from England. Luckily, he met a Japanese fan on the Green Day Community who is also going to the four shows in Japan who offered to help with the translations and tickets and such. Yay for the Green Day Community, helping each other out all over the world! Party on! Tony has promised to share his memories of the concert at the GDC when he gets a chance.

Green Day wrapped up their visits to Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong with a bang and praise… as well as a bit of a scandal on Korean News regarding a “Deep Kiss” that a girl planted on Billie after she sang Longview. It’s very similar to the ‘kiss-storm’ that happened after MSG1 so long ago, back in July. Except that it didn’t make the news! LOL. Oops. Suffice it to say, the boys certainly made an impression, to say the least, in the Far East. Here are articles from the show in Hong Kong (in Chinese) and Singapore from One of the funniest things I read about the shows (I forget where), was Bangkok fans who gleefully noted that Billie’s propensity of audience mooning during songs would “never go over in Malaysia.” Sorry Malayasian fans! You are shit out of luck, methinks!

In the title news, we have two shows coming up that feature Green Day. The first one coming is “World Stages: Green Day Live from Munich,” which Europe saw a couple of months ago. It premieres in North America on VH1, this Friday, January 22 at 11:00 PM in a 1/2 version and then again on the HD channel, “Palladia,’ in an hour version on January 23rd at 9:00 PM. I have no idea what Palladia is, but they seem to have a link to iTunes, so maybe this Munich concert will one day be available for sale there. I don’t have an HD television, so I don’t speak the HD language, but I am a bit sad that the version I can watch is only a half hour. Bummer.

VH1’s Friday Night Alright
MTV World Stage: Green Day (Live from Munich, Germany)
On 1/22 (tomorrow night) at 11pm EST/PST on VH1 (30 minute version)

On 1/23 (Saturday night) at 9pm EST/PST on Palladia (60 minute version)

Rudy's Can't Fail on Food Network

Rudy’s Can’t Fail, Mike’s fabulous diner in Emeryville, CA, will be featured on the Food Network this weekend! Airing this Monday, January 25th, at 10 PM EST, Guy Fieri, who regularly explores different “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” is making a stop at Rudy’s and will probably try one of the “Shakin’ Jesses,” though I could never quite figure out what it was. LOL. Seriously, I had a great meal and a great time meeting folks at Rudy’s when I went out to the East Bay last September to see “American Idiot.” Highly recommended on a Punk Tour of the East Bay.

Speaking of Mike, Chris Dugan took some great pictures of the Hong Kong show (as usual, his work nicely highlights the band), with some especially great ones of Mike. Go to for more photos.

News via, Green Day Authority and GDC message boards.

Green Day in the Far East – China and Billie’s Gibson Acoustic Inlay Guitar

Billie Joe's Guitar - Screenshot by CarmenPunkGirl

Thanks to Chinese fans at the Green Day Community, we have some video of Green Day in China, including this one, the acoustic solo. Billie gave away his Gibson “Billie Joe” inlay acoustic guitar at the end of the second encore. Don’t mind the singing along in the video. It’s how it’s supposed to be. These songs were meant for everyone to sing, together. I can only imagine what was going through Billie, Mike, and Tre’s minds as they performed in China for the first time and the arena sang with them.

Good times, I presume.

To whoever received his guitar, please use it to sing songs of rebellion, freedom, beer, sex, and courage. Thanks.

More video of various quality here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “untitled“, posted with vodpod

Happy Belated Birthday, Kerplunk!

Kerplunk - Green Day - Originally released on Lookout Records, January 17, 1992

Kerplunk turned 18 years old yesterday on January 17! Still not old enough to drink, but woah… that’s a long time ago. Seems like it was only yesterday… though for me, I only heard this album last year, so it was yesterday. Just like all of the other Green Day music in my life except for American Idiot. Sure, I heard the hits and whatnot over the years, but really, I didn’t pay attention to them until 2005 and didn’t decide to follow them (or any band for that matter in my lifetime) until this year. It’s been a great musical adventure, that’s for sure!

So currently I’m taking the advice of the Green Day Authority and sitting here listening to the album in honor of its release in 1992 (even if I’m a day late). The re-released version that I have includes the tunes sung under the band’s first name, Sweet Children, and includes their original EP recordings.

While listening, I have to just think for a moment about how far Green Day has come in their career over the last 18 years. Hell, for that matter, I have to sit and think about how far we, collectively as a world, have come in the last 18 years.

What a marvel it is that we’re all still around.

OK, that moment is over. Thanks for sharing.

Even if you, like me, didn’t know that it was the 18th anniversary of Kerplunk yesterday, put it on today and rock out anyway. And marvel at everything. While you’re at it, tell me about when you first heard this album.

Happy Birthday!

Why should my fun have to end?
For me it’s only the beginning
I see my friends begin to age
A short countdown to what end

–“No One Knows,” Kerplunk – Green Day

New Green Day Mind Banner and a Note on Haiti

Violeta from the Green Day Community, who created my previous banner, kindly updated Green Day Mind to start the year off and commemorate Green Day’s first concert of the new decade that happened on January 12, 2010 in Bangkok. The photo was taken at the press conference given by the band on Sunday, January 11, after they landed.

Thank you, Violeta! Awesome job, as always!

Green Day Mind Banner for 2010 by Violeta

*the views expressed are the author’s own and are not endorsed by the band

*When I first started this blog, I wanted to occasionally talk about “Green things” besides Green Day. Primarily, the world, I suppose, outside of a rock band named after a color. When the Iranian Green Revolution first went down back in June, I wrote:

When describing “21st Century Breakdown,” Green Day usually says that it’s a (paraphrasing) “collection of pictures of things that happen in the world and America with a seeming new crisis everyday.” The onslaught of everyday living can be overwhelming, that’s for sure. I really hope, however, I never get to the point where I don’t care what happens to someone else, as long as I’m left alone. The planet really is too small for that crap. I may not be able to do much and I may not know everything or even anything, but this I know: Iranian men are beautiful and Persian culture is about 500 times longer than ours. I also know that what happens in Iran doesn’t stay in Iran. What happens in Iran affects us all.

Now, I’d just like to say, what happens in Haiti doesn’t stay in Haiti. What happens in Haiti affects us all because here’s another 21st Century Breakdown moment happening, and it’s a doozy.

As you may have heard, the country of Haiti, located in the Caribbean and sharing the island of Hispaniola with the country of the Dominican Republic, suffered a devastating, 7.0, earthquake on Tuesday that ripped through the Haitian portion of the island, demolishing the capital, Port-au-Prince. Needless to say, not many buildings stand and there are a lot of people who have died. It’s the very definition of a humanitarian crisis, and that distinction was already in Haiti prior to the current situation.

Haiti is a country that has suffered centuries of deprivation, political mayhem, natural disasters and human misery. The Haitian portion of the island was colonized by the French, who brought slaves from Africa to work the land. The legacy of slavery in Haiti was one of the worst ever in terms of conditions of living, disease and despair. In 1791, the slaves of Haiti overthrew their masters, and after several years of fighting, Haiti became the site of the first and only successful slave rebellion.

There have been coups since then, political mechanizations both inside and outside of the country; hurricanes have battered the land, and the forests of the island, milled to within an inch of their lives, have been cut down for sugar cane fields, the timber industry and the lighting of the family hearth. The population is black and poverty stricken, full of proud people who love their country and are tired of its ongoing misery.

Haiti needs help right now.

Food. Water. Shelter. Doctors. That is all. There should be no argument, no thinking about the need to do it, only how to do it. I was a bit hot under the collar yesterday when Pat Robertson, an evangelical minister here in the United States claimed that Haiti continually suffered because they had performed Voodoo ceremonies and bonded with the Devil in order to gain their freedom from the French. Because, y’know, that’s the only way Slaves could ever overcome their Masters, I suppose. OK, he didn’t say that last part, but that’s what it sounded like to me. I’m not even going to go into what Rush Limbaugh said about the situation, I’m already bordering on my head exploding. Suffice it to say, it’s not the time for such talk. Food. Water. Shelter. Doctors.

I have a friend in Haiti at the moment. She works for a Non-Governmental Organization and was sent to Haiti to help with the country’s computer infrastructure. She’s now huddling in a company place. She’s lucky. She can leave and has a bed to sleep in. There are millions in Haiti who have neither luxury. If food, water, shelter and doctors do not arrive and are mobilized soon, an out-of-control situation will escalate into more of a nightmare than it is already.

Please consider contributing to the American Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders, or any charity that you may wish to donate to. There may also be food drives in your area that need help as well. Haiti’s natural resources such as forests and water supplies are decimated. Learn more about natural resources and how you can help stop deforestation and water contamination at the Green Day + National Resources Defense Council here.

I have been crying a lot over this today. But Violeta’s banner made me a bit happier. After the jump, you can view his design from last year.

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Green Day in Bangkok Press Conference

Green Day Press Conference – Bangkok – January 11, 2010

Green Day landed in Thailand and then headed off to a press conference. It’s a pretty funny interview where the band “endorses” Singha beer, Tre opens a beer with a water bottle, Billie proves that he can’t count and gives a nice answer to the interviewer’s question about President Obama and in the end, they are all swamped by flowers. It reminded me of the musical Flower Drum Song for a moment there. All in all, it’s a great press conference and very fun to see the boys saying silly stuff again.

The clip also has also an awesome shout-out to Prima Donna when the interviewer asks them about their opening band. The boys praise PD… and Tre notes that they are huge in Spain and Portugal!

Speaking of Prima Donna, Kevin Preston tweeted this when they got to their hotel room yesterday:

“We are now in Thailand. I am lounging around butt naked in my hotel room 😉 xoxoKevin”

I’m not sure if that is quite what I had in mind when I hoped that Prima Donna (and Green Day) would tweet about their trip to the Far East, but hell, I’ll take it. The visual alone is well worth it. Now, let’s hope there is video!

*thanks to Green Day LIVE on Tour on Facebook for the press conference footage.

Green Day and Prima Donna: To the Far East and New Places

Far East Shows - Green Day with guests Prima Donna

Prima Donna just tweeted their farewells to the States as they and presumably, Green Day, head off to the Far East. The tour starts on January 12 with stops that include Bangkok, where GD performed in the 90s, and three new stops: Singapore, South Korea, and a place where Green Day has mentioned wanting to make an album, China (or more specifically, Hong Kong). The tour ends with four stops in Japan. I’m not sure if we’ll get videos on Youtube for these shows, including the four in Japan, which is a bit of a shame. Not too many people on either the Green Day Community or the Idiot Club have many members, and while there is an official Japanese fan club,  I cannot read it! And truthfully, if it’s as sucky as the official Idiot Club is wont to be.. well, I’ve said too much already.

It would be nice to have some in-depth reports from both the band and fans as Green Day hits three new countries for the first time. Hey guys, this seriously calls for tweeting! Come on, you can do it! 🙂

I’m sure though, that Prima Donna will share their road trip with us, particularly if it’s their first trip to the Far East. Prima Donna made two lovely videos of their time in Europe. You can watch Pt. II of Prima Donna’s tour here.

We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that Green Day fans in the Far East will post some videos of both bands rocking out in Asia. There is one lucky fellow that I know who will be heading to Japan to see them, if he can get tickets to the shows when he gets there. It’s been a little impossible to order tickets for the shows in Japan from England but I’m sure he’ll be fine when he gets there!

Until then, have a blast guys, and please, obey ALL local laws. LOL. Thanks!

American Idiot Opens on Broadway on… uh… 4/20

Green Day's American Idiot on Broadway Logo

It’s officially been announced that Green Day’s American Idiot is Broadway bound with previews beginning on March 24th and opening on an extremely auspicious day: National Pot Smoking Day, April 20, aka 420 Day. Not that Green Day planned it like that or anything, but, hey, y’know… why not? and were both out of the gate with the announcement, with posting a press release a little later. More announcements regarding the show can be found at the Green Day Authority.

The theater will be the St. James Theater, already dubbed by some as “the St. Jimmy” theater. Casting for the show hasn’t been announced yet, though it’s more than likely the original cast will be heading to Broadway. The show will open in time for it to qualify for the Tony Awards, which will be televised on June 13, 2010 in New York. Let’s hope that it’s nominated for an award and if so, there hopefully will be an appearance by Green Day as well as the cast of American Idiot. The band has a touring break built into their schedule from June 12th-15th on their current Tour site. (Nice scheduling, boys!) Ticket sales haven’t been announced yet, either, so head on over to the new American Idiot on Broadway site to sign up for email updates for the show.

Lastly, I have to say, that while I had some issues with the show when I saw it, I am, as they say in Northern Cali, hella excited for this to go to Broadway. I think it’s going to be a smash hit, and I’m really happy and dare I say… proud… that Green Day, as well as the cast and crew, have pulled off a phenomenal feat for an amazing album. Congratulations!

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Green Day – New Years with Carson Daly

It’s 2010! Woot!

I spent New Year’s at a friends house until about 10:00 pm, then I went home. I was sick (and sadly still am) and I also wanted to catch some of Green Day’s performance on “New Years with Carson Daly.” During the airing, they performed four songs and snippets of two others were shown, but I only saw “Minority” and “21 Guns.”

Here’s “21 Guns”:

“21 Guns” – Green Day – New Years with Carson Daly

Via the GDA, here’s the setlist that was shown on New Years with Carson Daly:

Know Your Enemy
Going To Pasalacqua (part)
Welcome to Paradise (part)
21 Guns

Green Day LIVE on Tour, a group on Facebook, has posted some great videos of Green Day live performances. Unfortunately, you have to be a Facebook member to access the group, but if you are, become a fan and watch some of the performances that they’ve been finding on Youtube.

As you may know, the New Year’s show was pre-taped back in November and the boys performed many more songs than actually appeared on the New Year’s show. Here’s a great one of “East Jesus Nowhere” and “Going to Pasalacqua.” Check out more videos from the show on Nosaintinlas’ Youtube channel.

“East Jesus Nowhere” – Green Day – November 23, 2009


“Going to Pasalacqua” – Green Day – November 23, 2009