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Green Day in the Far East – China and Billie’s Gibson Acoustic Inlay Guitar

Billie Joe's Guitar - Screenshot by CarmenPunkGirl

Thanks to Chinese fans at the Green Day Community, we have some video of Green Day in China, including this one, the acoustic solo. Billie gave away his Gibson “Billie Joe” inlay acoustic guitar at the end of the second encore. Don’t mind the singing along in the video. It’s how it’s supposed to be. These songs were meant for everyone to sing, together. I can only imagine what was going through Billie, Mike, and Tre’s minds as they performed in China for the first time and the arena sang with them.

Good times, I presume.

To whoever received his guitar, please use it to sing songs of rebellion, freedom, beer, sex, and courage. Thanks.

More video of various quality here.

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Happy Belated Birthday, Kerplunk!

Kerplunk - Green Day - Originally released on Lookout Records, January 17, 1992

Kerplunk turned 18 years old yesterday on January 17! Still not old enough to drink, but woah… that’s a long time ago. Seems like it was only yesterday… though for me, I only heard this album last year, so it was yesterday. Just like all of the other Green Day music in my life except for American Idiot. Sure, I heard the hits and whatnot over the years, but really, I didn’t pay attention to them until 2005 and didn’t decide to follow them (or any band for that matter in my lifetime) until this year. It’s been a great musical adventure, that’s for sure!

So currently I’m taking the advice of the Green Day Authority and sitting here listening to the album in honor of its release in 1992 (even if I’m a day late). The re-released version that I have includes the tunes sung under the band’s first name, Sweet Children, and includes their original EP recordings.

While listening, I have to just think for a moment about how far Green Day has come in their career over the last 18 years. Hell, for that matter, I have to sit and think about how far we, collectively as a world, have come in the last 18 years.

What a marvel it is that we’re all still around.

OK, that moment is over. Thanks for sharing.

Even if you, like me, didn’t know that it was the 18th anniversary of Kerplunk yesterday, put it on today and rock out anyway. And marvel at everything. While you’re at it, tell me about when you first heard this album.

Happy Birthday!

Why should my fun have to end?
For me it’s only the beginning
I see my friends begin to age
A short countdown to what end

–“No One Knows,” Kerplunk – Green Day