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Green Day in the Far East – China and Billie’s Gibson Acoustic Inlay Guitar

Billie Joe's Guitar - Screenshot by CarmenPunkGirl

Thanks to Chinese fans at the Green Day Community, we have some video of Green Day in China, including this one, the acoustic solo. Billie gave away his Gibson “Billie Joe” inlay acoustic guitar at the end of the second encore. Don’t mind the singing along in the video. It’s how it’s supposed to be. These songs were meant for everyone to sing, together. I can only imagine what was going through Billie, Mike, and Tre’s minds as they performed in China for the first time and the arena sang with them.

Good times, I presume.

To whoever received his guitar, please use it to sing songs of rebellion, freedom, beer, sex, and courage. Thanks.

More video of various quality here.

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