Green Day Live Album Coming and Cigarettes and Valentines – OMGZ!

The amount of OMGS and OMGZ exploded out of Green Day land last night as the boys upped and announced two things: that they were recording a live album (Billie Joe had tweeted that it was possible a few days ago) and then went on to play a “new” song, which isn’t actually new, but it’s only been heard once by the denizens of Green Day land, at a soundcheck earlier this tour.

That song? “Cigarettes and Valentines,” a tune that was supposed to headline an album just after Warning and before American Idiot of the same name. The album never materialized… the band says that the masters to the songs were stolen while some rumors swirled that they also just didn’t feel the album and decided to not release it. Whatever the reason for the album never materializing, I don’t know, but I’m just happy that they launched the song onto everyone last night in Englewood, Colorado, thereby forcing me to get off the Green Day Community and actually going to sleep for fear of reading one more OMGZ, haha.

The xGeneralxS and her sis headed off to the show this weekend, and as usual, captured the song for all of us hardcore, diehard fans. So again, until it’s no longer available for those who love this band… Green Day gives you… “Cigarettes and Valentines”…

“Cigarettes and Valentines” — Green Day Live in Englewood, Colorado, August 28, 2010 – xGeneralxS

Cigarettes and Valentines Lyrics - Green Day - Photo by Aska

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