I Do Declare, It’s “Oh Love.”

First impressions:

Did not expect a slow song, even though I’ve heard it before at Webster Hall Studio. I don’t really remember the songs I heard that night. Thank you very much.

At least one lyric is straight out of the Who.

It will sound pretty awesome in an amphitheater of people singing along.

I’ve heard there’s a lion costume in the video… should be interesting how a lion in costume fits with a slow, slow, song.

So far, the sentiment toward it runs the gamut of “I love it” to “I hate it.” I’m in middle, leaning towards like. I’ve only heard it once, though.

What do you think?


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3 responses to “I Do Declare, It’s “Oh Love.”

  • Homer

    I think you had a typo on “I’ve it before” at the beggining 😛

    What can I say about oh love.. I like it, I think it´s a great song, but I can see why a lot of people dont like it.
    And I think the rest of the songs on “Uno” will be much better.

    • Green Day Mind

      Totally a typo, wrote this really quickly, thanks Homer! I wish I had more energy to write more, but I’m so tired lately (excuses, excuses).

      Rumor has it (which the GDA is trying to confirm), that “Kill the DJ” will be released in Europe soon. And yea, it’s grown on me, but I think I will probably like the radio edit, whatever that is, better for the song. The beat is fun, it makes you move in a soulful way, but it’s too long at the moment to hold my attention all the way through. I hear it’s the longest song on the three albums, lol.

  • amylovesgd

    I heard it. It’s really nice.

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