Green Day in Singapore for the First Time – January 14, 2010

Since Green Day’s tour began this past June in earnest, I have read time and time again from Green Day fans in far-flung places begging the boys to come to town. The Middle East, Bulgaria, India, etc., etc. And now, the lucky winner of the moment is… Singapore! Hopefully this is only the beginning of visiting places that they’ve never been but where fans have always wanted them to go.

Green Day will perform in Singapore for the first time on January 14, 2010. Here’s the full press release for this…uh…historic event! Tickets go on sale October 15, 2009. Good luck to any lucky Singaporeans out there who get tickets. 12,000 of you will be very, very, happy that you did!

And Tre, no gum chewing while you’re there, OK?

Green Day’s much anticipated concert across the causeway next January is set to attract many local rock fans.

DESPITE not having a Kuala Lumpur tour stop, American punk legends Green Day will still leave many local rock fans scrambling for tickets for the band’s concert in Singapore in January.

The Berkeley, California-raised band will be plugging in a full concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Jan 14.

Organised by Lushington Entertainments, the concert is expected to be a sell out affair at the 12,000 capacity venue.

Led by the enigmatic Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day has been hammering out its latest album 21st Century Breakdown, across major stadiums worldwide and the Singapore date will be its first time in this region.

The Grammy-award winning powerpunk combo is completed by bassist Mike Dirnt and drummer Tré Cool, who have kept the frenzied music ticking like a timebomb through classic albums like Dookie, Insomniac, Nimrod and American Idiot.

On the current tour, Green Day has been unleashing classics like Longview, Welcome to Paradise, American Idiot, Brain Stew right to new favourites Know Your Enemy and 21 Guns.

Tickets will be available from all SISTIC outlets at S$128 (RM307.20, standing), S$88 (RM211.20), S$128 (RM307.20) and S$148 (RM355.20). SISTIC fees apply. Public sales date is Oct 15. Hotline 65 6348 5555. Browse

Oh, and the concert will be organized by Lushington Entertainment, which, frankly, cracked me up… The Lushie Gods be praised!!

*News via Trina at the Green Day Community.

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