Green Day Conquers the White House

What a difference five years make: in September 2004, Green Day sprang forth and screamed, “I don’t want to be an American Idiot,” and now, on July 28, 2009, they find themselves in the actual White House. I’m sure they were never invited during the Bush Administration. Pretty damned sure of that! Bwahaha.

Green Day at the White House - Photo by Chris Dugan from

Green Day at the White House - Photo by Chris Dugan from* posted some photographs of our fearless leaders, Billie Joe, Mike and Tré… at the friggin’ White House. The band, libertarian-leaning supporters of President Barack Obama, visited the White House during  their tour trip through DC last week. I had wondered if they would be stopping by and saying hello. There are no pictures of them with President Obama that I could find, but if they did have a punk summit with him, I hope they talked about a Lushotologist platform.

Seriously, though, seeing the photographs at (it’s a bit complicated to view them over there: go here and scroll to “White House 7/29/09; though it seems that they have now been moved to the members-only Idiot Club; these photos move faster than Tré… they are back at I felt two emotional waves. The first consisted of laugh-out-loud laughter and the second, complete astonishment at the difference a day makes. I almost cried. Not necessarily because the boys were in the White House, but mostly because it just feels as if the United States has tilted a bit to what I consider the right direction. It was an overwhelming emotion. Frankly, I feel more safe and more proud of being an American with the guys in the White House than willingly barred from it.

Tré in Trouble - What did he do this time?

Tré in Trouble - What did he do this time?

What a difference five years makes - Photo by Chris Dugan,

You know, this is a good spot for the Office of Punk - Photo by Chris Dugan,

Just remember: Intelligent and rational dissent is patriotic, in good times and in bad times equally. Live free or die!

Patriots - Green Day -- Rolling Stone

Patriots - Green Day -- Rolling Stone

*news found by way of Green Day Authority

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