Whatever Happened to that Horror Movie, Green Day? Interview in Argentina, 1998

Cyber-Horror Movie, Green Day? Twitpic by Mint_Fresh

Live 105.3 FM, a local Bay Area radio station, posted an article today about something I wrote about in March: Green Day, back in the day and totally stoned and hungry, mentioned that they were making a musical called “Jimmy.” I first saw the video on American Idiot actor, Theo Stockman’s Facebook page, and Billie Joe himself mentioned the interview somewhere, but I have seen so many interviews with Green Day over the last year that I don’t remember which one he mentioned the video in. [My blog post with the video from March is here: Idiots Take Broadway in 24 Hours]

Personally, American Idiot, the musical, is old, but still, great, news to me. What I really want to know at this point is what happened to the cyber-horror movie about run-away computers that they were going to do after returning home from touring South America back in 1998. Here’s an interview where they mention the movie below:

Green Day Interview, Argentina, 1998 – “The movie will probably suck, but it’ll be a great record!”

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7 responses to “Whatever Happened to that Horror Movie, Green Day? Interview in Argentina, 1998

  • Barb

    Hey, Tanya! What about Tre appearing in a Jean Claude Van Demme movie as a computer nerd? That’s in the article you posted, too. I’d never heard that one. Think they were pulling our legs? Oh, the interview with the Jimmy reference was in the Infamous Book mobile interview. I think it was 1991? That was one of the silliest interviews I’ve seen them do. “Book Me! Get it? Book Me!” Haha, so baaaddd!

    • Green Day Mind

      I know, that Jean-Claude van Damme reference cracks me up, too. When I first saw that clipping, I checked IMDB a while ago for Tre, and there’s no mention at all of it. I’ve had that clipping for a while, but just recently came across the interview in Argentina.

      I do have a feeling that they were completely joking, but, I’m gonna hold their feet to the fire and say, WHERE IS IT?? lol. I thought the clipping was a joke, but then I saw the interview, I was like, wow, they actually did talk about it in an interview. I haven’t seen any other references to it, and I just randomly found the Argentina interview. I’m sure old school fans remember it, but I am not an old school fan, eek, lol.

      I was going to write a post on interviews they did when they were last in South America, but never got around to it. Earlier today I saw the article that the Green Day Authority posted and I was like, wait, I wrote about this months ago, lol, and made a mental note to write about the article, but forgot. When the GDA posted the article today, I was like, oh crap, I was going to write about that, and the horror movie. D’oh.

      But yea, either it was a complete joke or they were serious and nothing ever happened with it. But with these guys, you’ll never know, lol. I do think it’s a joke, though.

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  • abbey

    so happy you ditched the black background. my old eyes always found it difficult to read. look forward to learning about new music from your post-breakdown blog. ab

    • Green Day Mind

      Thanks, Ab! I want to make the text darker, but I need to tweak the WordPress template when I get the chance. And figure out a few other things, but yes, the black background was getting to me, too. The images looked better against the black, but the text was a bitch. And I also look forward to new stuff, too, but I still think I’m heading toward a breakdown, even if the tour is over tomorrow, lol.

  • Homer

    I thought you were talking about this movie http://www.taringa.net/posts/tv-peliculas-series/6150832/Live-Freaky-Die-Freaky-_DVDrip_-_Ingles_-_Avi_.html lol

    PD: I saw Green Day last week, i can´t find enough words to describe it, green day live is awesome!! 🙂
    PD:Sorry for my english 😛

    • Green Day Mind

      Hi Homer! Sorry I’m just now getting back to you! Glad to hear that you had a great show the other night, too. I’m so happy that you got to see them!
      I don’t think that Live Freaky, Die Freaky is the movie that they were talking about in 1998. Green Day may have been joking around about making a movie, but they did mention it a few times, enough that there was at least one article I’ve seen about it and that video clip in Argentina, too. They never talk about it now, so who knows what they were thinking??

      Live Freaky, Die Freaky is the movie by John Roecker about the American serial killer, Charles Manson, and that movie came out a long time after 1998, in 2006. I think that one is all Roecker’s idea and not the horror movie Green Day talked about. According to what I’ve read, their movie was going to be about technology and computers wrecking havoc on the world, but that is all I know.

      And no worries about your English, I understand it, much better than you would understand my really bad Spanish or Portuguese. I can’t remember now if you are from Brazil or a Argentina!

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