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Whatever Happened to that Horror Movie, Green Day? Interview in Argentina, 1998

Cyber-Horror Movie, Green Day? Twitpic by Mint_Fresh

Live 105.3 FM, a local Bay Area radio station, posted an article today about something I wrote about in March: Green Day, back in the day and totally stoned and hungry, mentioned that they were making a musical called “Jimmy.” I first saw the video on American Idiot actor, Theo Stockman’s Facebook page, and Billie Joe himself mentioned the interview somewhere, but I have seen so many interviews with Green Day over the last year that I don’t remember which one he mentioned the video in. [My blog post with the video from March is here: Idiots Take Broadway in 24 Hours]

Personally, American Idiot, the musical, is old, but still, great, news to me. What I really want to know at this point is what happened to the cyber-horror movie about run-away computers that they were going to do after returning home from touring South America back in 1998. Here’s an interview where they mention the movie below:

Green Day Interview, Argentina, 1998 – “The movie will probably suck, but it’ll be a great record!”