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DJ Rossstar Interviews Mike Dirnt at Dr. Strange Records

DJ Rossstar of the Punk Rock Show was at Mike Dirnt‘s band, The Frustrators, meet and greet at Dr. Strange Records yesterday, 2/26/11. He interviewed Dirnt and asked him some questions that Mike normally does not get asked! Great interview!

Mike Dirnt of Green Day and the Frustrators answers original questions! Interview by DJ Rossstar of the Punk Rock Show – Dr. Strange Records Frustrators In-Store, 2/26/11

Jnine F. went to the meet and greet and posted a few pictures.

Jnine with Jason Chandler and Mike Dirnt, Frustrators, Dr. Strange Records In-Store, 2/26/11

Mike Dirnt with Jnine - Frustrators Dr. Strange Records In-Store, 2/26/11

In other Frustrators news, Jnine posted an article about snow and hail hitting Los Angeles yesterday… just about the same time that the Frustrators are touring, two events that no one thought would ever happen. Hell may have just frozen over in both regards. Indeed, I’m sure there is a correlation!

Tonight the Frustrators play their final California tour gig at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Bands include the Phenomenauts, Billybones and Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits. It’s going to be an amazing show!

Terry was interviewed recently by Amp Magazine and he was asked if the band had other plans for 2011. He said: “We’ve already started working on our next full length and will do east coast dates to support that record.” All I can say is: YES! EAST COAST!

I’m writing up my blog post about the Bay shows, so stay tuned. I just got back into town on Thursday, and hopefully will write about it by the middle of next week! If you’re going to the Troubadour tonight, have an excellent time!

Whatever Happened to that Horror Movie, Green Day? Interview in Argentina, 1998

Cyber-Horror Movie, Green Day? Twitpic by Mint_Fresh

Live 105.3 FM, a local Bay Area radio station, posted an article today about something I wrote about in March: Green Day, back in the day and totally stoned and hungry, mentioned that they were making a musical called “Jimmy.” I first saw the video on American Idiot actor, Theo Stockman’s Facebook page, and Billie Joe himself mentioned the interview somewhere, but I have seen so many interviews with Green Day over the last year that I don’t remember which one he mentioned the video in. [My blog post with the video from March is here: Idiots Take Broadway in 24 Hours]

Personally, American Idiot, the musical, is old, but still, great, news to me. What I really want to know at this point is what happened to the cyber-horror movie about run-away computers that they were going to do after returning home from touring South America back in 1998. Here’s an interview where they mention the movie below:

Green Day Interview, Argentina, 1998 – “The movie will probably suck, but it’ll be a great record!”

Green Day Absolute Radio Interview from Birmingham, UK

Great interview conducted yesterday with the boys in Birmingham on Absolute Radio. Funny and relaxed, they are having a great time on this tour. Thanks to GDA on Facebook for the headsup on the video being posted.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Green Day Speaks with KTUV on the Making of American Idiot

Green Day Interview with KTUV on American Idiot

Green Day Interview with KTUV on American Idiot

greenday.com posted a new interview with the band on the making of American Idiot. It’s a good interview, though it starts off with some slow and inane questions and the band looks eternally bored at certain times. They warm up to the questions eventually and there are some funny moments, particularly when Billie Joe says that Tré Cool choreographed the show. At the end, there are two very very brief clips of the show live. The video can’t be embedded, so go here and view it.