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The Breakdown Will Be Twittered: Glasgow and Belfast

I haven’t done this in a while since there hasn’t been many stupid funny Twits/Tweets/Twats that I’ve bothered searching for, but Pink was at the Green Day show in Glasgow and was twittering up a storm. I love Pink, she’s talented and funny. Three of my favorites:

Pink: Welcome to paradise. Fuckin glasgow is going off!!!!

Pink: They just played “she” and I’m pretty sure they just saved me hundreds of dollars in therapy.

Pink: Ok last tweet… I Don’t promise 🙂 I just almost got kicked out of the venue for smoking! And I’m playing here tomorrow nite! Haaaaaaaaaaaa

Opps on that last one.

And from Belfast, one simple tweet tonight:

Jamsrs: Just out from Green day. That was the best fucking show ‘ve ever seen. No others can compare.

Amen, Jamsrs, amen.

Freedom to Obey - 21st Century Breakdown Video Screenshot

Freedom to Obey - 21st Century Breakdown Video Screenshot