Green Day – New Years with Carson Daly

It’s 2010! Woot!

I spent New Year’s at a friends house until about 10:00 pm, then I went home. I was sick (and sadly still am) and I also wanted to catch some of Green Day’s performance on “New Years with Carson Daly.” During the airing, they performed four songs and snippets of two others were shown, but I only saw “Minority” and “21 Guns.”

Here’s “21 Guns”:

“21 Guns” – Green Day – New Years with Carson Daly

Via the GDA, here’s the setlist that was shown on New Years with Carson Daly:

Know Your Enemy
Going To Pasalacqua (part)
Welcome to Paradise (part)
21 Guns

Green Day LIVE on Tour, a group on Facebook, has posted some great videos of Green Day live performances. Unfortunately, you have to be a Facebook member to access the group, but if you are, become a fan and watch some of the performances that they’ve been finding on Youtube.

As you may know, the New Year’s show was pre-taped back in November and the boys performed many more songs than actually appeared on the New Year’s show. Here’s a great one of “East Jesus Nowhere” and “Going to Pasalacqua.” Check out more videos from the show on Nosaintinlas’ Youtube channel.

“East Jesus Nowhere” – Green Day – November 23, 2009


“Going to Pasalacqua” – Green Day – November 23, 2009

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