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Hot Flash from the Frustrators! – Exclusive Photo!

Frustrators in the Studio! OK, sorta kinda - Exclusive Photo Courtesy of Frustrators Monkey Manager, Jimmy Zeus (aka Jason Chandler)

The Frustrators’ Facebook page lit up last week with the hot cigar glow of the band’s monkey manager, Jimmy Zeus, heralding news that band members Terry Lineham and Art Tedeschi had outed fellow band members Jason Chandler and Mike Dirnt by announcing something awfully special… A NEW FRUSTRATORS 4-SONG EP coming soon! Yeah, I know you’ve heard that before, but apparently this time, it’s really going to happen!

Stanley the Chicken, Booking Agent, is Uber Excited (Fake Stanley Courtesy of Amy Hettrick)

Fervent followers of Mike Dirnt’s side project band whooped it up something fierce and spread the news far and wide that the Frustrators, rumored since early 2010 to be recording in the studio bunker, were at it in full force. And by full force, that means, well, actual new songs on both vinyl and CD! The EP’s title hasn’t been announced yet, but the vinyl will have different art work from the CD. Art Tedeschi has created a sculpture of Frustrators mascot booking agent, Stanley the Chicken, for the vinyl that will be different from the CD cover art version.

I tracked down Jason Chandler through Zeus, who forced him to stop working for just one damn moment to share the following with you all:

Here’s an exclusive photo fer ya! It’s us in the Static Room mixing with our engineer pal Denny Muller. He doesn’t actually wear overalls and a red handkerchief all the time, that’s just an old stereotype which has no place in the 21st century and I include myself in this.

The EP itself is coming along swimmingly, we’re scrambling on the final CD mastering and artwork right now which is fun really. And the vinyl stuff is already at the press. But manufacturing and printing take time. Hopefully all our new-found Facebook fans will still be around in a month or so, but attention is fickle and I assume that we’ll lose a good chunk of them to Angry Birds, etc.

We also started a twitter account (@Frustrators) so let the sexting begin! Actually I’m not quite sure how it works, but I figure if a celebutard can do it, so can I.

As for Stanley and his pals, you should try to get in touch with Stanley directly at his Facebook account. (He’s my friend so you could probably just sneak in a browse through my address book to find him. My face is an open book.) I don’t want to violate his privacy. [Note from GDM: oops, I linked to Stanley’s page… do chickens really have privacy?]

Not only should we expect the new EP to be mastered and out the door, but there’s also rumors of gig dates coming up, too! I smell a giant Frustratorhead meet-up in the near future as the Frustrators haven’t played a gig since the early dawning of the new Millennium. We’re all ready for a hot flash of frustration and if all goes well, Green Day Mind will see you there!

Green Day – New Years with Carson Daly

It’s 2010! Woot!

I spent New Year’s at a friends house until about 10:00 pm, then I went home. I was sick (and sadly still am) and I also wanted to catch some of Green Day’s performance on “New Years with Carson Daly.” During the airing, they performed four songs and snippets of two others were shown, but I only saw “Minority” and “21 Guns.”

Here’s “21 Guns”:

“21 Guns” – Green Day – New Years with Carson Daly

Via the GDA, here’s the setlist that was shown on New Years with Carson Daly:

Know Your Enemy
Going To Pasalacqua (part)
Welcome to Paradise (part)
21 Guns

Green Day LIVE on Tour, a group on Facebook, has posted some great videos of Green Day live performances. Unfortunately, you have to be a Facebook member to access the group, but if you are, become a fan and watch some of the performances that they’ve been finding on Youtube.

As you may know, the New Year’s show was pre-taped back in November and the boys performed many more songs than actually appeared on the New Year’s show. Here’s a great one of “East Jesus Nowhere” and “Going to Pasalacqua.” Check out more videos from the show on Nosaintinlas’ Youtube channel.

“East Jesus Nowhere” – Green Day – November 23, 2009


“Going to Pasalacqua” – Green Day – November 23, 2009