Daily Archives: December 20, 2009

Highlights from the Breakdown: Redundant

What can I say about the acoustic encore that Green Day performs at the end of their shows? Well, for one thing, the solos always make me a little depressed because I know that another great party is about to end. In London, I almost burst into tears during Billie Joe’s encore, silly me! I was sad because I knew it would be my last GD show of the year (though I did see them in L.A. during “New Year’s”) and I would have to get on a plane and leave the incredible people I had met during Rocktober.

Billie Joe usually throws in the same songs during the encore, mostly “Wake Me Up When September Ends,” “Macy’s Day Parade,” and of course, “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” but he occasionally tosses in a new standard. In Melbourne on December 16, it was “Redundant.” Thanks to PhoeniX726 for the video. (And yes, the dude singing along is annoying, but deal with it!)

“Macy’s Day Parade” and “Redundant” – Green Day – Melbourne – December 16, 2009

Highlights from the Breakdown: Homecoming

Green Day performed “Homecoming” for the first time at their 21st Century Breakdown tour stop in Auckland, New Zealand on December 19, 2009. Or, as Billie Joe called it, “their last show of the decade.”

Woah. And what a decade it’s been…

“Homecoming” – Green Day – Last Show of the Decade – Auckland, New Zealand, December 19th, 2009. (Thank you, MsKatanga83 for the video)