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BJ’s Blue Wishes You… a Merry Christmas… Ornament

UPDATE: Dorie Watts, who made this beautiful replica of Blue, asked me to hold off on her name due to the holiday season. Now that Xmas is over, thank you to Dorie so much for making this and sharing these wonderful photographs of the ornament as well!


I cannot say at the moment who made this beautiful replica of Billie Joe’s guitar known as Blue (I’ll let you know after the Xmas holiday) but I can say that when I saw pictures of it I went, “oooooooh.”

It’s sweet.

And with that, I’ll see you on the other side of the frigging holiday.

And, Merry… Christmas.

BJ's Blue Christmas Ornament

BJ's Blue with Guitar Player Cover

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Mystic Knights of the Cobra Live 9PM PST 12/23/09

If they can keep their PBRs uncorked, er… corked, that is, the Mystic Knights of the Cobra will be appearing live tonight in the Oakland area on Pirate Cat Radio. You can find a link on their Facebook page with the announcement, or attempt to click here to listen live.

And if you are in the Crockett, CA area, check out the band for New Year’s Eve at Toot’s.

Toots NY with the Mystic Knights of the Cobra