Daily Archives: December 1, 2009

Two Reasons to Love Serena Williams

In Los Angeles at the Green Day Fake New Year’s Eve (I am already writing 2010, by the way), Champion tennis player Serena Williams walked past us as we were waiting for the show to start. It made me really happy to see her there for a couple of reasons. First, I think she’s a great tennis player. Second, she is obviously a huge Green Day fan.

Greenday.com surprised her tonight when they posted the video below from her website of her rocking out to “2,000 Light Years Away,” and unlike a lot of people who go to GD shows these days, she knew the words to this classic Kerplunk! song.

Next time, Serena, you need to come down to the pit and hang at a stadium. You were WAY too far from the boys with that crowd around you!


Tre Talks with Australian Radio on Nova 96.9 FM

Green Day is in Australia right now preparing for their two-week tour of that country which starts on December 4 (whenever the heck that happens here in the States, I have no frigging idea). The kids from Australia at the GDC posted this link from Australian Radio as Ryan Monty & Wippa chat with Tre on Nova 96.9 FM.