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Los Luchadors y Las Luchadoras

I was listening to The Network today while rearranging my mind, and started thinking of wrestlers… Luchadors, Luchadoras and Snoos…

El Luchador. Table Top, San Loco, Avenue A, NYC

The First and Only Luchador: The Snoo

More Luchadors and Luchadoras after the break!

Stop Drop and Roll and Mother Mary

Excellent videos found through the GDC of Stop Drop and Roll and Mother Mary in Manchester:

Stop, Drop and Roll

Mother Mary
The Reverend Strychnine Twitch introduces himself at the beginning.

Halloween King for a Day

I saw this video from Green Day’s Halloween show in Manchester. Billie is transformed into Frankenstein at one point and it’s pretty funny.

To all my Rocktober peeps who are seeing the Foxboro Hot Tubs tonight, have a great time! Wish I could be there!