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Green Day and Friends – New Banner! Thanks Violeta!

GreenDay.com Banner Awesome as Fuck

Green Day’s new live album “Awesome as Fuck” is out next week. Seventeen of the songs are streaming at NME. It’s available only in the US and UK, but someone from Canada was able to listen to it, too. The official release date is 4/22/11 but there are two special pre-orders right now, an album version from Adeline Records in pink vinyl with a nice T-shirt (releasing 4/26) or the CD/DVD combination from Interpunk records with a nice poster (releasing 4/22)! Interpunk suggests that you buy a poster tube to keep your poster safe in transit. The record released in some South American and European countries already, and a live screening of the DVD portion of the video happened in select European theaters this week.

It’s great to have Green Day back as a band with the new live album, but I’ve also been thinking about the various people that make up the Green Day band of friends… Foxboro Hot Tubs, Pinhead Gunpowder, the Frustrators, even the Network… who do it for the love of music! Yea, I know, they really aren’t “those other bands” but, y’know… whatever. Billie Joe tweeted the other day that he, Mike, Tre, and Jason White were piddling around in the studio the other day. I can’t wait to hear what they’ve been working on! These guys never stop playing music.

If we’re lucky here in New York, maybe we’ll get some awesome small shows when Billie Joe ends his run as St. Jimmy in American Idiot as it sadly closes next month. He’ll be coming back to the show for the final weeks, from April 5-April 24. (The one-year anniversary of the Broadway show run is April 20th.) It would be awesome if Pinhead Gunpowder played in New York City. Come on guys! You can do it! I’d take some Foxboro Hot Tubs, some Frustrators, and heck, even a surprised appearance by the Network, too. Where ever they may be!

In honor of this band of friends who make great music together, Violeta Kalfova created a banner to honor all of the bands.

Thanks Violeta!

Green Day and Friends - Banner by Violeta Kalfova

Photos (Thanks!):

  • Foxboro Hot Tubs – (Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool, Mike Dirnt, Jason White, Kevin Preston, [Jason Freese]) – xGeneralxS (Don Hill’s, New York, NY 4/18/10)
  • The Network (Wilhelm Fink, Van Gough, The Snoo, Captain Underpants, Balducci, Z, Doctor Svengali) – Arohex (Somewhere deep in Los Angeles, CA)

Los Luchadors y Las Luchadoras

I was listening to The Network today while rearranging my mind, and started thinking of wrestlers… Luchadors, Luchadoras and Snoos…

El Luchador. Table Top, San Loco, Avenue A, NYC

The First and Only Luchador: The Snoo

More Luchadors and Luchadoras after the break!

The Church of Lushotology

Foxboro Hot Tubs performing on teevee for the first time. Last Call with Carson Daly, June 13, 2009.

There’s this band called the Foxboro Hot Tubs that everyone keeps claiming is really the band known as Green Day. FBHT formed in late 2007, and have had one tour of small town venues in 2008. They finally had their big break this past week when Carson Daly had them on his Last Call show, as you can see in the wild Youtube video posted above. See the Pabst (labels covered with blue tape) flying! See lead singer the Rev. Strychnine Twitch fling himself forcibly into the audience spreading his legs and love to all! Can you dig it?

While many claim that they are GD, I only know them as the Foxboro Hot Tubs. They have a blazing retro 60s groove sound with an over-drived touch of something call, “Lushotology.” It seems that they are proud members of this Church of Lushotology, which is better, I guess, than Scientology. As far as I can tell, it’s the Rat Pack meets the Monkees, though the Monkees never sang about hookers or booze. Unless of course, you count Head, but Head is a cult classic we will not demean.

According to the Urban Dictionary, here’s the story of Lushotology:

Fake religion made up by the band “The Network” (who are actually the three members Green Day in disguise and two other people). It’s a joke, part of the elaborate creation of The Network. Basically followers believe intoxication is great. Here’s some of the fake history:

Controversial church established in 1981 by romance novel writer Hal Don Burre. He got the inspiration one day when he went to a bar, couldn’t decide what to order, had the bartender pour all of the liquor into one glass, inventing the “Long Island Ice Tea.” He then went into a drug induced coma, envisioned the church, and wrote a book called Intoxication is Intoxicating. It became the new religion’s bible.
Tré: Dude, I’m in Lushotology
Mike: What the hell is that, man?
Tre: Uhhh…it’s a great religion. We get drunk all the time

If you go to the Network’s website and click, “Church” you’ll find more about this strange cult of drink. This is where I found the prime directive of the church: “The Lushotologist creed is to free the people of any guilt of having fun.”

Ah… now that may be a religion I could get into.

I don’t know much about the Network. I hear they are very electronic, but I left electronic music when Soft Cell, Kraftwerk and New Order left the planet.

This rumor about both the Network and the Foxboro Hot Tubs being Green Day… sheesh. Everyone wants to be Green Day these days! Although I am sure that the members of Green Day are holy worshipers at the shrine of Lushotology.

Drink up, all you Alligators!