Happy New Year and Green Day Community 2010 Calendar

Green Day Community 2010 Calendar - Front - Click on Pic to Download Calendar

Happy New Year from New York City – or more specifically, Brooklyn!

What can I say about 2009? Well, a lot, but I’ll spare you the details. Let’s suffice it to say that Green Day helped get me through a pretty tough year of genocide-related research and activities. Through following Green Day this year, I have met some great folks from the entire spectrum of Green Day fans and a multitude of nationalities. And I even got to meet Billie Joe and Tre. So while I’m currently sick and broker than sin at the moment, it’s been one of those years that I will never regret, even the genocide part. I was able to travel to Europe twice (once to see Green Day in London), out to California twice (to see American Idiot – The Musical as well as attend Fake New Year’s with the band), out to San Antonio (and guess who I saw there?), and four other Green Day shows in the New York area. As to genocide, both conferences that I presented at turned out to be pretty good. If you’d like to see one of my presentations, you can view it here and scroll down to Tanya Elder.

It’s been a great year but the time has come to say farewell to 2009.

Tomorrow, 2010 will be upon us as we leave the first decade of the 21st century behind in the dust. For the most part, I’m going to have to say good riddance to it. This first decade of the new century has been turbulent, life-shattering and plain awful. But at least we’re all still here, I suppose. Who knows what the new decade will bring? Let’s hope only good things as we continue on the road to the Breakdown.

There’s more great stuff coming from Green Day in 2010, and I hope you’ll stick around to enjoy the band and my quaint little blog. Remember, I’m only blogging about Green Day through to the official end of the 21st Century Breakdown current tour, whenever that happens in late 2010. So until then, here’s a calendar made by the kids (and somewhat proofed by me) over at the Green Day Community to highlight each month of 2010 with Green Day views and facts. Click here or on the calendar front page image above to download your Green Day Community 2010 Wallpaper Calendar. The image below has previews of all of the months as well as the authors of each page. Click on the pic to preview the calendar.

Green Day Community 2010 Calendar - Back- Click on Pic for Calendar Preview

Don’t forget to watch Green Day’s New Year’s performance on the Carson Daly show on 12/31 and to end, I think I’ve finally seen the most perfect blurb about 21st Century Breakdown as posted on greenday.com through the Boston Globe and written by Sarah Rodman in her Best of 2009 Albums:

GREEN DAY “21st Century Breakdown’’ –  “American Idiot’’ was no fluke. The spirited Berkeley pop punks continue to age gracefully on this even more expansive follow-up. With a diverse musical palette, the trio recognizes the beauty of contrasts, of asking questions without knowing the answers, and of unabashedly embracing the power of love, eventually touching down at the intersection of rage and melody. – Sarah Rodman, Boston Globe

I thank Sarah for not using the words, “snotty,” “punky” or “bratty.” They are aging gracefully, as I hope we all are.

Have a great New Year’s, and I’ll see you on the other side of the decade…

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Special Thanks to Andres at the GDA for letting me post the .zip file link to the calendar.

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5 responses to “Happy New Year and Green Day Community 2010 Calendar

  • greendaylove38

    A very happt new year to u. I hope u keep up the GD blogging in 2010 – it is a joy to read. The boston globe piece was perfect and u know how much it annoys me to see reviewers call them snotty, guylinered punks! Here’s to wishing everyone a wonderful GREEN DAY filled 2010 and I hope we end up at a concert together (maybe I will find the courage to buy pit tickets!). Best, abbey

  • greendaymind

    Thanks, Abbey, and a great GREEN DAY year to you, too! I will continue through the tour ending, then I’ll think of another blogging endeavor. I sometimes think this whole blogging about GD is a little crazy. The boys don’t call, they don’t write… what the hell am I doing this for? Primarily, me, to remember the good times and all of the people that I know of who have made it crazily good. There are so many people in the world who have seen the band and appreciate them. I wish I could highlight them all. This blog is about GD, but it’s got a great emphasis on the fan and fan participation as well… But until the end of the tour, God willing and the crick don’t rise, I’ll be here. And yes, you need to be in the pit at least ONCE! Bwahahah… you’ll never go back to a seat! Best, Tanya

  • Sally McKaye

    A great, well-worded blurb, indeed!
    Best wishes to everyone throughout the new year – hope everyone safely enjoys the eve (:
    I love this blog, so I’ll be sticking around Tanya!! I’m really looking forward to the end of the tour – Hopefully they come to Buffalo!

    • greendaymind

      Sally, a very merry new year to you, too! And thanks, I’m glad you enjoy the blog and yay, that’s at least TWO readers this year! LOL. 🙂 I hope they get to Buffalo, too! I might actually travel across NYS for that! As to the end of the tour… it will be sad but so great to have had the boys around more. We can only imagine what things they have in store for us next!


  • Abbey

    I think more than anything I jabber on about them on the interweb for myself. Its a crazy but fun thing to share and its quite inspiring. Makes me want to collect all the beautiful writing that is out there about them and all the beautiful green day inspired art and put it in a zine. And seriously, lord help me if they ever read any of the nonsense I wrote about them. They’d have me committed…or at least file an interweb restraining order against me!

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