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Breaking News! Hair Report and Dominated Love Slave

The Lushie Nuns and Beth posted this awesome video from Turin. The Rev is gone as Billie returns to black and something wonderfully crazy happens at the two-minute mark. Enjoy!

This is the End, Pt. II: Green Day Rocks Europe (and Other Stuff)

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end
It hurts to set you free
But you’ll never follow me
The end of laughter and soft lies
The end of nights we tried to die
This is the end

-the doors, “This is the End”

Green Day New Wallpaper from

Green Day New Wallpaper from

Tonight was Green Day’s last European tour stop in Turin, Italy. From what I have read on Prima Donna’s Facebook, they were pranked by Green Day, but got the boys back with a case of mangina. I have no idea what either prank consisted of besides the mangina (which sounds dirty), but it warmed my heart to hear that Prima Donna got them back. I only wish that every opening band were as bold and brave as both The Bravery and Prima Donna. Let’s hope for videos soon!

As for the tour, Green Day ripped through arenas in Europe from Germany to Spain to France to the Netherlands, Norway, Italy and many points between. They shared some fantastic moments with thousands of fans who heard their clarion call and were able to join them in their second homeland, the United Kingdom, for Rocktober. I was one of those who were able to follow the call, and 250 lucky fans (me not being one of them), got a rare treat from a crazy band known as the Foxboro Hot Tubs.

Do not be sad, Europe, for the boys will be back in the summer of 2010. Stadium gigs have already been announced for Manchester (June 16), Wembley (June 19), and Paris (Parc de Princes, June 26). Tickets for Manchester and Wembley are on sale now, and will be on sale for Paris on November 20th. In addition, Green Day is still rumored to be the headliner band at the huge Irish festival at Slane Castle sometime in August, so hold on to your hats, Ireland, for that one!

I have a ticket for Wembley and I’m hoping for Manchester, too, if I can find a plane ticket that won’t break my back. We’ll see.

In the meanwhile, the band flies back into the States this weekend, just in time for the closing nights of American Idiot out in Berkeley. There’s good news about American Idiot as well: it is certainly moving to Broadway, according not only to an article in Playbill, but also a casting call for Equity actors that was posted today as well. While the theater and opening hasn’t been set yet (I have a feeling this may be announced this weekend when the boys come back to Berkeley, but it’s only a hunch), all roads lead to Broadway…. for good or ill. In regards to the casting call, Actors Equity rules state that all new shows must have open casting calls for Union actors, so that doesn’t necessarily mean that the show’s current actors won’t be in any future production.

Well, that’s it from Europe for now. There is much more coming soon over the next two months, as Green Day takes a break in California to be with the family, perform a free concert in Los Angeles, head to Australia, and come back home for New Year’s Eve, where they will be performing from Los Angeles for the Carson Daly Show. That last bit of news kinda broke my heart. A press release from the Carson Daly Show posted at the Idiot Club presented the show as if Green Day would be heading to Times Square itself for the New Year. I was so excited because the Idiot Club will be giving out tickets of some sort to the event. However, it’s been confirmed that they will be playing from Los Angeles (though some believe that the free taping on November 23rd from Los Angeles will be a canned performance for New Years), and my heart sank deep when I heard that bit of news. Alas, shit happens and it’s all good… as long as I get to see them again some time next year.

Until Green Day heads off to Australia for more performances, here they are performing “Letterbomb” for the first time on this tour, at Wembley Arena on November 1, 2009:

Green Day Performs “Letterbomb” at Wembley Arena, November 1, 2009

Green Day Paintings by Kerry Harris

The 3 Boys by Kerry Harris

The 3 Boys by Kerry Harris

A few short weeks ago, I was in London for the two Green Day shows at the O2 arena. It seems like a lifetime ago already, but I have some great memories of the concerts and the boys, and I met some fabulous people from all over the world, including the United States, England, Germany, Norway, South Africa, and Brazil.

One of the people that I met is a lady by the name of Kerry Harris. She was part of the Rocktober crew and flew in from Australia on a whim to see Green Day for their entire English tour, including the now legendary Foxboro Hot Tubs gig. She is a doctor from the Land of Oz and a talented painter. Kerry presented one of her paintings to a friend in Kent and I loved the canvas, so with her permission, I thought I’d take the opportunity to showcase a few of her impressive works.

Green Day Triptych - Painting by Kerry Harris

Green Day Triptych - Painting by Kerry Harris

Green Day - Kerry Harris Triptych sketches

Green Day - Kerry Harris Triptych Sketches

Green Day for Jax - Painting by Kerry Harris

Green Day for Jax - Painting by Kerry Harris

Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool and Billie Joe Armstrong by Kerry Harris

Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool and Billie Joe Armstrong by Kerry Harris


Kerry Harris Bumper Sticker

I'm Not Stoned I'm just fucked up - Bumper sticker by Kerry Harris

More Foxboro Hot Tubs from London

Blood, Sex and Booze – Foxboro Hot Tubs

Partybiene uploaded several videos from the Foxboro Hot Tub’s secret show in London from November 1, including the rendition of “Blood, Sex, and Booze” above. Head on over to view a few more videos from this once in a lifetime show.

FBHT in Kerrang

Wild Night in London Town - Foxboro Hot Tubs

By the way, there are a number of inaccuracies in the article, but the pictures are nice.

*Scan courtesy of shadowgirl1 at the GDC

Highlights From The Breakdown: Novacaine; Murder City

Green Day released their third concert video yesterday, this time mixing footage from both the soundcheck and show in Birmingham, England from October. I love these videos put out by them from the concerts as they have pretty much captured the intensity of Green Day’s live show. Chris Dugan is doing a wonderful job of photography and videography on this tour. Their latest release (the other two have been “East Jesus Nowhere” and “American Eulogy”) is “Murder City.”
I was lucky enough to hear “Murder City” at Madison Square Garden 2, at both the soundcheck and the show. So while this clip is from Birmingham, it brings back good memories from MSG2, which took place 104 days ago.

This next highlight is from the Munich show from last week. I include this for two reasons: it’s my favorite song from American Idiot and I was lucky enough to hear it live at London’s second O2 gig last month. Green Day didn’t play this at all in North America, but have been switching it up with “Before the Lobotomy” in Europe. I couldn’t find a good clip from the London show, so this one is from Munich. He does a teeny storytime about touring Europe and Green Day’s 21st anniversary. In London he gabbed about how nice the weather had been, which I must say, was perfect, clear skies and warm. I have a theory on why the weather was so nice: Because God wanted to see his favorite band. Ha!

This last clip is something I recorded outside of the O2 on the second night. It’s a group of bagpipe players outside the arena and I adore the bagpipes. It was a nice surprise to hear and a nice touch to a great weekend of Green Day and London.

Highlights From The Breakdown: A Quick One While He’s Away

A conversation on Facebook comparing Green Day’s two shows at Madison Square Garden back in July and their two shows at London’s O2 in October prompted me to think of Green Day’s version of The Who’s “A Quick One While He’s Away.” Four people, including me, had seen all four shows and except for one, agreed that while both second nights were better, (because the second night is always better), we felt that London’s 2nd show was the winner for various reasons. However, Dawn, who I’ve mentioned before, had one caveat: Green Day’s performance of “A Quick One While He’s Away,” from the second show at Madison Square Garden.

This performance took MSG by surprise because no one in their right mind expected it. The song is one of four bonus tracks from the iTunes release of 21st Century Breakdown and unless you had that album version (the CD and I believe the vinyl versions have different bonus tracks) you were kinda lost as to what was going on.

I remember being a little nervous at the hesitant start for the band. It’s a long and slightly complicated song and who knows how many times they had actually rehearsed it. After a few bars they let go and went with it and I realized that what I was seeing was a very rare performance, especially since Billie Joe noted that it was the first (and probably the last) time that they had performed it. There may be good reason for that as the crowd took a while to warm up to it but I am not sure if the audience ever completely got into it. I did, but I was in the pit, behind one row of bodies and I was pretty damned happy with having heard it live at least once.

So, I got to thinking about the performance and wanted to watch it again, so I’ve posted it below. It’s not the best of videos, but it is the entire seven minute song:

Fast forward to that ficticious band, the Foxboro Hot Tubs, and their gig in London on November 1st. The Foxies (my silly pet name for them) broke the song out and repeated the ‘You Are Forgiven’ a billion times. Here they are having a crazy time with it and the two versions, from, um, two different bands, is like night and day. There are three short “A Quick One” clips on Youtube from the secret show in London and the clip below is the longest one. All of them are very short, which probably had something to do with booze.

MTV Europe Music Awards 2009 :: 05.11.09 :: Berlin

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “MTV Europe Music Awards 2009 :: 05.11…“, posted with vodpod

Green Day Accepts EMA Best Rock/Cock/Kack/Shit Award
Vodpod videos no longer available.
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Mike and Tre interview with Pete Wentz, Joss Stone, and some other dude

(I love it when Mike and Tre get are the focus of attention. Love you, Billie, but, well, you know):
Vodpod videos no longer available.
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Green Day at the European Music Awards

UPDATE: And HERE YOU GO, watch the videos that are no longer on Youtube here.

Scroll down the list of the above link and you’ll find a great interview at the EMA’s with Tre and Mike.

The BBC Video link below is still working.

Bummer, U2 wins over Green Day for Best Live Act. 😦

Green Day wins for Best Cock… ur… Rock Award! Woot!

So, Tokio Hotel won for Best Group, but I think it’s because they are German.

Getty Images from the European Music Awards***

On the Red Carpet**

Know Your Enemy and Minority**:


Acceptance for Best Cock Award (with a bonus of David Hasselhoff looking a little drunk) and Stuff with Katy Perry*:

And here’s the cutest picture of Tre from backstage at the EMA’s yesterday.*** I’m glad, just like his fans, that he occasionally doesn’t listen about that picture-taking thing.

Backstage at MTV EMA's. I was just repeatedly asked to not take pictures. -tre

Backstage at MTV EMA's. I was just repeatedly asked to not take pictures. -tre

**hattip GDA/GDC

***hattip Green Day Twitter

Live Stream of European Music Awards

Green Day is nominated for three awards this year at the European Music Awards and will be performing live as well. If I have this link correct, you can watch a live stream of the European Music Awards starting at 9:00 PM Berlin time.

You’ll have to figure out on your own what time that means for you! (Thanks to Beth for the world clock link:


Munich Wall of Death During “American Idiot”

WOAH, Munich!

I read about this on the Green Day Community’s Munich thread, but Anja posted this short video on Facebook of a giant mosh pit forming and exploding during Green Day’s show last night in Munich. From what I’ve read, it prompted Billie Joe to call it a “Wall of Death.”

Ha! Now that’s punk! Go, Munich!