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Green Day in Torino – Bellissimo by Giulio Lapone!

Green Days Pink Bunny in Turin by Giulio Lapone

Green Day's Pink Bunny Downs Some Brew in Torino (Turin), Italy - Photograph by Giulio Lapone

You know you are a Green Day fan when your friends send you stuff from their friends about Green Day. And I’m incredibly happy that it happens! Jon Pack, a great photographer (see Jon’s work here), knows I’m a fan because he sits two cubicles away from me at work and has to listen to me talk about Green Day all the time. So when his friend, another talented photographer from Italy sent him a link to Green Day photographs on Facebook, Jon then sent the link to me. Thank you, Jon!

Green Day in Torino by Giulio Lapone

Italian photographer Giulio Lapone, had the great fortune to see and shoot Green Day’s last European arena tour stop in Torino (Turin), Italy on November 12, 2009. Giulio took some nicely expressive shots of both Billie and Mike, as well as the Italian audience. You can view the entire set of photographs at Giulio’s Facebook page here. While his normal site isn’t quite working at the moment, you can still view his other work here. Thank you, Giulio, for giving me permission to post some of your images here.

And yes, Giulio, you ARE the best photographer in Italy!

What I love about these photos from Giulio is the quality of motion within the images. Just like an actual Green Day show, everything is moving, from the Pink Bunny to the sweat pouring from Billie’s face to Mike’s bass with the video fire behind him and the fan that is in complete emotional synergy while singing with Billie. They also show two-thirds of a band at the end of a brilliant and tiring European tour, where, though it’s obvious that they need a break from touring, it’s also obvious that they love to play.

Green Day has often said how they love Italy, and from Youtube videos of the last show on this European tour, Italy loves them, too!

Billie with Sweat in Torino (Turin) - Photograph by Giulio Lapone, November 12, 2009

Billie with Sweat in Torino (Turin), Italy - Photograph by Giulio Lapone, November 12, 2009

Mike in Turino (Turin) by Giulio Lapone

Mike with Star and Fire, Torino (Turin), Italy - Photograph by Giulio Lapone

Billie with Fan Turino (Turin) by Giulio Lapone

Billie with Fan in Torino (Turin), Italy - Photograph by Giulio Lapone

Who let those Jokers in here? Green Day in Torino (Turin) - Photograph by Giulio Lapone

Breaking News! Hair Report and Dominated Love Slave

The Lushie Nuns and Beth posted this awesome video from Turin. The Rev is gone as Billie returns to black and something wonderfully crazy happens at the two-minute mark. Enjoy!