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Breaking News! Hair Report and Dominated Love Slave

The Lushie Nuns and Beth posted this awesome video from Turin. The Rev is gone as Billie returns to black and something wonderfully crazy happens at the two-minute mark. Enjoy!

It’s Bagpipes for the Scots

Bagpipes and toilet paper. A perfect combination to send the Scots off the right way. No video yet, but here’s hoping! I love the bagpipes, one of the most annoyingly beautiful instruments out there. Absolutely adore them.

From what I hear, last night’s final Green Day show of the first leg of their 18-month World Tour was phenomenal – a sight and spectacle to behold. I wish I had been there, but there are a few fabulous videos (sorry, guys, I know this irks you a bit), so stay tuned for some highlights–though of course, the entire show was one spectacular time, I’m sure.

Really, I expect nothing less from this trio and their band of merry henchpeople. They are the best thing out there right now and for an agnostic, I feel quite blessed to be a fan of such a great band.

On another note, Billie got a bit too excited last night and plopped off the stage. There’s video somewhere, but I’m too lazy to find it again tonight. It was a bit shocking to see (but maybe not as shocking at the strange tufts of semi-orange hair that appeared on his head last night in Sacramento), that after all of the shows where he throws himself around like a ragdoll, he gets so excited that he just slips off the stage. Luckily, since he’s currently a mechanical man, he got right back up and continued on as if nothing happened, but I have to say: DON’T DO THAT AGAIN! LOL.