It’s Bagpipes for the Scots

Bagpipes and toilet paper. A perfect combination to send the Scots off the right way. No video yet, but here’s hoping! I love the bagpipes, one of the most annoyingly beautiful instruments out there. Absolutely adore them.

From what I hear, last night’s final Green Day show of the first leg of their 18-month World Tour was phenomenal – a sight and spectacle to behold. I wish I had been there, but there are a few fabulous videos (sorry, guys, I know this irks you a bit), so stay tuned for some highlights–though of course, the entire show was one spectacular time, I’m sure.

Really, I expect nothing less from this trio and their band of merry henchpeople. They are the best thing out there right now and for an agnostic, I feel quite blessed to be a fan of such a great band.

On another note, Billie got a bit too excited last night and plopped off the stage. There’s video somewhere, but I’m too lazy to find it again tonight. It was a bit shocking to see (but maybe not as shocking at the strange tufts of semi-orange hair that appeared on his head last night in Sacramento), that after all of the shows where he throws himself around like a ragdoll, he gets so excited that he just slips off the stage. Luckily, since he’s currently a mechanical man, he got right back up and continued on as if nothing happened, but I have to say: DON’T DO THAT AGAIN! LOL.

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