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Australia and New Zealand, WallaBabies!

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I’ve been in a bit of a funk for the past few days  thinking about California too much. It has started to turn cold here in New York City, and it’s snowing both inside and outside of my apartment now. However, I don’t think you’ve come here to listen to me bitch and moan. Or did you?

I think not!

So instead, let’s take a mental trip to the Great Down Under where our boys, Billie Joe, Mike and Tré and their badass crew have come to the hot summer rescue of thousands of Aussie and New Zealand fans on a two-week tour of those countries. The tour kicked off at the Burswood Dome in Perth yesterday, December 4th and heads off to Adelaide, Brisbane, and Sydney, with two nights in Auckland, New Zealand, and wrapping up on December 19th.

Luckily, we got a little bit of Storytime with Billie (see a selection of previous Storytimes here) in Perth, thanks to this Youtube of “Give Me Novacaine” that karma1215 at the GDC found:

Billie Joe Tells a Story of Attending a Non-Lesbian Mud Wrestling Boxing Match in Perth with Australian Boxer Danny Green

I tried to keep up with what happened at the Perth concert (read about the show here), but if you’ve heard of a thing called a TIME ZONE, then you know it’s difficult to check out what’s happening at a concert that starts at 7:00 AM for you. Ha! Those boys are gonna have a helluva jetlag time when they get back home and then trot off to Japan and the Far East in January. Aww.

Don’t feel too sorry for their jetlag, though. They are having a damned good time with reports of them attending a Lesbian mud wrestling match and Tré Cool jumping out of airplanes, playing golf, applying for bartending jobs and wrestling sharks and shit. Oh wait, the shark part isn’t true. But I’m sure he’d try if he could! (Please don’t get any crazy shark rassling ideas, dude.)

Here is a small set of photographs from the show in Perth, with shots of the fans, and the opening band, Jet.

Well, that’s it from Aussie country for now. The next show is in Adelaide, on December 6th, whenever the fuck time that works out to be!

News from the GDC and Google Alerts

Highlights From The Breakdown: Novacaine; Murder City

Green Day released their third concert video yesterday, this time mixing footage from both the soundcheck and show in Birmingham, England from October. I love these videos put out by them from the concerts as they have pretty much captured the intensity of Green Day’s live show. Chris Dugan is doing a wonderful job of photography and videography on this tour. Their latest release (the other two have been “East Jesus Nowhere” and “American Eulogy”) is “Murder City.”
I was lucky enough to hear “Murder City” at Madison Square Garden 2, at both the soundcheck and the show. So while this clip is from Birmingham, it brings back good memories from MSG2, which took place 104 days ago.

This next highlight is from the Munich show from last week. I include this for two reasons: it’s my favorite song from American Idiot and I was lucky enough to hear it live at London’s second O2 gig last month. Green Day didn’t play this at all in North America, but have been switching it up with “Before the Lobotomy” in Europe. I couldn’t find a good clip from the London show, so this one is from Munich. He does a teeny storytime about touring Europe and Green Day’s 21st anniversary. In London he gabbed about how nice the weather had been, which I must say, was perfect, clear skies and warm. I have a theory on why the weather was so nice: Because God wanted to see his favorite band. Ha!

This last clip is something I recorded outside of the O2 on the second night. It’s a group of bagpipe players outside the arena and I adore the bagpipes. It was a nice surprise to hear and a nice touch to a great weekend of Green Day and London.