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Paramore vs. Green Day

The Fuse Awards for Best Video of 2009 is head to head with Paramore’s “Ignorance” going back and forth with Green Day’s “Know Your Enemy.” The voting is actually pretty close, so it’s time to get your mice fingers working for the band that has given us so much joy. And really, Paramore? No way…

VOTE NOW and VOTE OFTEN! (God that sounds so fangirl… cheeze.)

Foxboro Hot Tubs Crazy in London

A few videos from last night’s mayhem from the Foxboro Hot Tubs. For those who were able to go, I salute you. I understand that they played the entire Stop, Drop and Roll album once, then ran out of songs, so did the song “Stop, Drop, and Roll” seven times, “Ruby Room” twice, “A Quick One,” “Supermodel Robots” (from The Network), “Johnny B. Goode,” “Blitzkrieg Pop,” and “Blood, Sex, and Booze.” The set lasted until it stopped, and an epic time was had by all.

From the GDC, here’s a link to an NME article on the gig.

“Dark Side of the Night”
From Elmo the Idiot.

“27th Street Shuffle.”
From Elmo the Idiot.

“Mother Mary”
From Elmo the Idiot.

Sorry that the links were messed up earlier. I’m still posting from my iPhone and it’s not easy!

There’s also a host of other vids at Elmo the Idiot’s YouTube Channel.
Thank you, Monkeyboy, for helping us worship!