Green Day’s American Idiot Musical Trailer

From the Berkeley Repertory Theater Company

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2 responses to “Green Day’s American Idiot Musical Trailer

  • broadwaycritic

    Here’s my review of the “American Idiot” – the musical:

    It’s pretty fantastic…

    • greendaymind

      Hi there. I read your review earlier. I like what you say about it. I saw it twice in September. I have a review of it but I had some issues with it that you probably won’t agree with. 🙂 it’s pretty great but I think that there are some things that could be stronger with it. I hope that they work out the issues that I had with it and make it a bit emotionally deeper. I’m a huge Green Day fan and American Idiot is like an anthem to me. I’m coming from it in a very emotional way, though. I can’t wait to see it on Broadway and look forward to seeing it again. Feel free to read what I wrote and blast away!

      I come at Broadway from a cynics point of view having studied experimental theater in my youth. So I have a different perspective on major shows like this. I’m pretty hard on Broadway in general for the most part. But like I said, I can’t wait to see this again, on Broadway. I’m pretty sure it’s going to take the Great White Way by storm!

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