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Tré Cool’s drumming is magical. He beats out a rhythm like a possessed shaman calling daemons and spirits into the arena of play. He’s got a touch of madness, too, and let’s face it, every great drummer has a touch of the mad.

I really wanted to hear Tré sing and play the guitar on “Dominated Love Slave” at least once during the four times that I saw the band this summer. Alas and alack, I believe he graced the stage with DLS only twice, once in Hartford (as I’ve said before, I should have gone to Hartford as well as Albany), and Nashville. At San Antonio, I made a sign that I folded into my pocket with the phrase, “Who the Fuck is Tré Cool? Dominated Love Slave, That’s Who!” LOL. No opportunity afforded itself for me to pull the sign out, and San Antonio was the tamest of the four shows that I attended. While the show itself was great as usual, there where no signs and no real wild moments at this show, except for Sara’s “Longview” performance and stagedive, unlike the many crazy little moments that constantly happened at Albany and the two MSGs.

Since this was my last opportunity to see Tré do this song (unless something changes when I see them in England in October), I was a bit sad that I missed the opportunity to see him come from behind his drums and wow us in the audience with a song about the sexual joys of staples and beltsanders. Oh well.

Anyway, after one of the shows on the West Coast, Tré surprised a bunch of fans near the tour buses and serenaded them with “Like a Rat Does Cheese,” a song rarely performed in polite society. That’s why you must watch it many times. LOL. This has already been around the Internet at a number of sites, but it’s well worth seeing a few hundred times.

Tré Cools Sings “Like a Rat Does Cheese.”

Tré Cool Sings “Dominated Love Slave.” – Hartford, 2009

Storytime with Billie

This is a bit messy, but I culled all of the Storytimes with Billie from a thread that I started at the GDC. I used to be a professional storyteller as a children’s librarian and actor, and performed in a few one-woman shows that I created back in the day. So these stories from Billie were special to me and always made me laugh. Some of them are random snippets he told throughout the show, but for the most part, Storytime with Billie occurred prior to the start of “Before the Lobotomy.” Here’s a messy list in no particular order for your enjoyment. Now, he’ll have to come up with some new ones for Europe!

Storytime with Green Day – or More Specifically, Billie.
1. Sunset Boulevard Fight with Adrienne and Brando.
MSG1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Up1Q4KfFYRA
Los Angeles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y624MvbBBjI

2. Twins Convention on Acid
Via Whatsername868: “Tampa he said that they were driving once somewhere down near Mexico, and Tre had some acid so they all took some. That night they went to a hotel and would see a person, then turn around and see their double someplace else. Later they found out it was a Twin’s Convention.”

3. Pissing – Closet and Hanger, Albany: This story is hilarious and I have to find some video on it.
Thanks to greenday801440 for the video and the link! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4Qg98xicHk

4. Pissing – Guinness and Suitcase – Ireland

5. Pissing – Sleepwalking and Naked (Nashville, via TeenageLush): “Nashville he told the story at the beginning of are we the waiting, and it was something about how whenever he gets drunk he sleepwalks. Apparently they were staying on the first floor of a hotel and he end[ed up] sleep walking to the fifth floor and woke up butt as naked, Jason White walked it on him and was like, “ew”” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yDAYspxOVw

6. Sleepy in Copenhagen (an old one, but who wants to sleep with a head in a bottle?) MSG2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DytzpQ9TtFQ

7. Tattoo and Anal Sex with Ricky. Orlando: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qYoHz1WDzk

8. Skinhead Fight (I don’t remember where this story took place.)

9. Playing in a Harrisburg living room. He mentioned that there are Youtube videos of the band playing in a living room back in the day. Told at Pittsburgh.

10. Hamilton: via .:Whatsername:. “It’s been a long time hasn’t it? It’s been like half a fucking decade. What the fuck’s up with that shit? How are you all doing?! This is like family now, shit! Everybody here’s my fucking cousin. I never knew this but I’m Canadian.” He also did some shoutout to bands that they had played with in Toronto in like 1993 before “Are We the Waiting” and said “It wasn’t that long ago, but we waited around and here we are. Are “We the Waiting!”

11: Scared in Detroit (just a snippet) Via Angie-Marie, “the first time we played Detroit, I think it was 1990, I was like 18 and we played with the Generals, and Detroit scared the fucking shit outta me”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLpI-uawG6E

12.: The moral of the story of “She,” MSG1): Via lilacdreamer: “You know, the moral of the story is, is that when you’re in the heat of a passionate moment, with someone that you fucking love, you will fucking do anything for them. Its not just the fight to prove that you’re right, but it’s a fight that you fucking do it together to make it right. You know what I’m saying?”

13. Boston: via XCourt: Billie talked their early days when they played a show in Providence, RI (I think he also said that was their first show in New England, correct me if I’m wrong) and they met a guy (forget the name) who has been really good friends with the the band ever since and he was in the audience that night. That was Billie’s only anecdote for the night.

14. Philly: Via MascaraTears: before Before the Lobotomy, he was just talking to a guy who brought binoculars, and saying stuff like, “it would be the guy from jersey who brings binoculars.”

15: Fargo: via Taylor_k2008: “Billie explained that it was Green Day’s first official time playing in Fargo because they had to cancel the show there 10 years ago due to Tre’ having a foot fungus. Then after a bit – Billie was still talking and was like, “Hold on…something is sticking in my ass…” Then he tried to fix his mic box thing I think… then continued “…and that’s not the first time I had something sticking in my ass…actually, I think that it might have been Tre’s foot in my ass before.” Lol saying that’s probably why he got a foot fungus. That’s not word for word obviously – but that’s the best I can explain it. Haha. Close enough.”

16: Houston via Teenage Kicks!: “Houston was like…him talking about coming to Texas as Foxboro (which I was lucky enough to see! ) and how he “rode a bull named Lisa….and how she had nice….” then he said “uh nevermind” and started laughing. XD”

17: St. Louis: St. Louis’ story was about him drinking his brother’s urine when he was kid, and that’s he’s done it a few times in other situations since.

18: Family in Nashville introduction. Additional Nashville: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7CaxJ9jFCg

19. Billie with his Mom in Salt Lake City:

20. Kansas City, “Beautiful Girl”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8k3iNKmTpYA

21. San Jose introducing Family: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebZcjYiE4H4

22: Minneapolis, Mankato and Adrienne: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wQojAb1Zx0