Tré Cool’s drumming is magical. He beats out a rhythm like a possessed shaman calling daemons and spirits into the arena of play. He’s got a touch of madness, too, and let’s face it, every great drummer has a touch of the mad.

I really wanted to hear Tré sing and play the guitar on “Dominated Love Slave” at least once during the four times that I saw the band this summer. Alas and alack, I believe he graced the stage with DLS only twice, once in Hartford (as I’ve said before, I should have gone to Hartford as well as Albany), and Nashville. At San Antonio, I made a sign that I folded into my pocket with the phrase, “Who the Fuck is Tré Cool? Dominated Love Slave, That’s Who!” LOL. No opportunity afforded itself for me to pull the sign out, and San Antonio was the tamest of the four shows that I attended. While the show itself was great as usual, there where no signs and no real wild moments at this show, except for Sara’s “Longview” performance and stagedive, unlike the many crazy little moments that constantly happened at Albany and the two MSGs.

Since this was my last opportunity to see Tré do this song (unless something changes when I see them in England in October), I was a bit sad that I missed the opportunity to see him come from behind his drums and wow us in the audience with a song about the sexual joys of staples and beltsanders. Oh well.

Anyway, after one of the shows on the West Coast, Tré surprised a bunch of fans near the tour buses and serenaded them with “Like a Rat Does Cheese,” a song rarely performed in polite society. That’s why you must watch it many times. LOL. This has already been around the Internet at a number of sites, but it’s well worth seeing a few hundred times.

Tré Cools Sings “Like a Rat Does Cheese.”

Tré Cool Sings “Dominated Love Slave.” – Hartford, 2009

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