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The Next Single


Well, lo and behold, the next single is actually “East Jesus Nowhere.” I am happy.

From Greenday.com:


Green Day will be filming a video for their next single “21st Century Breakdown” with director Marc Webb.

I saw “21st Century Breakdown” and its opening companion piece, “Song of the Century” live four times this summer, as well as numerous times on Youtube. (Oh, what a love/hate relationship I have with Youtube due to copyright issues.) The performance posted below was filmed at Madison Square Garden on July 27th (and we’ll leave that at that). It was a fabulous show and my second time hearing 21CB live. Prior to my fourth time hearing it live at San Antonio, I literally found myself craving to hear the song live once more. In fact, when I think of going to London for two shows in October, I can think of almost nothing else besides hearing both “Song of the Century” (recorded) and “21st Century Breakdown” live again.

Many people, including me, predicted (or hoped) that the next single would be “East Jesus Nowhere,” a hard-hitting song about the vagaries of our modern-day religious system. It’s screeching, loud and indignant and I will say truthfully, captures all of the inner angst that I feel about organized religion with lyrics like, “Put your faith in a miracle… And it’s non-denominational…. Join the choir we will be singing… In the church of wishful thinking” as well as “I want to know who’s allowed to breed… All the dogs who never learned to read… Missionary politicians… And the cops of a new religion.” (Though sometimes I have to question myself about the breeding dogs line because I’ve actually thought worse sentiments at times. Just keeping it real, people, just keeping it real.)

Alas, EJN is not the new single, it’s going to be the terrific title song of the album, “21st Century Breakdown.” “21st Century Breakdown” in itself is a problematic song with lyrics such as “Born into Nixon, I was raised in hell… A welfare child where the teamsters dwelled…” and “Video games of the tower’s fall.. Homeland security could kill us all…”. Ouch. The lyrics aren’t as overt as “East Jesus Nowhere,” and the music behind them softens the blow by a bit. “21st Century Breakdown” is not a song to be taken lightly.

And when this song is played live, the house rocks out. Check it out below.

Drunk Bunny, “Song of the Century” and “21st Century Breakdown.” –

Madison Square Garden, July 27th, 2009