Back on the Road Again – Green Day Hits South America

Green Day in Venezuela - Unknown Photographer

Green Day is back on the road again as they hit Venezuela today to start a month-long, ten-city tour of South America and the Central American country of Costa Rica. The tour starts on 10/08/10 and ends on 10/29/10. From what I understand, Green Day hasn’t appeared in South America for many years now, and the Continent is completely ready for them to play.

After a triumphant week-long, eight-show run in Broadway’s, American Idiot, Billie Joe Armstrong joined his bandmates, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool, in Caracas at a press conference today. You can see a part of that interview below.

Mike Dirnt did an interview yesterday for a Colombian radio station. You can hear that interview here (conducted in English) and he says some very interesting things about their upcoming live album, and says that they have already written about thirty songs for a new, non-live album, and he hints at… wait for it… a possible DVD coming out with the live album as well. Hmmm… nice hints, don’t you think? Some folks at the Green Day Community think that the live album should be named, Green Day Live: Awesome As Fuck. Hmm. I like that.

Thanks to “shesarebel” from Twitter, we found out that the press conference in Venezuela was livestreamed today. The press conference feed on Ustream failed after about 28 minutes [WATCH FULL CONFERENCE HERE], and the short clip below is a bit awkward as the translation between English and Spanish went a little haywire here and there. In the link at Ustream, Billie Joe mentions that the band is trying to mesh the sound of Green Day with the party element of the Foxboro Hot Tubs. Hmm. Something is afoot in the world of Green Day and personally, I can’t wait to hear what the future holds.

Oh, and please, no one tell Billie Joe that in actuality, Green Day DOES have a Facebook page… albeit it’s a band page and not a personal page… but heck, I suppose what he doesn’t know won’t hurt us, eh?

I know a few people who are heading to the show in Costa Rica, and one of them asked me if I was going also. Luckily (blah) my passport needs renewal, and heck, I’m broke as sin anyway, so no Costa Rica for me. If you’re heading to a show for this very last leg of the tour, have a great time, why don’t you?

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