Happy 70th Birthday, John! LENNONYC: Beyond Broadcast – Episode 2: Bob Gruen | American Masters

LENNONYC: Beyond Broadcast – Episode 2: Bob Gruen | American Masters.

Foxboro Hot Tubs by Bob Gruen

Friend of Green Day and rocknroll’s legendary photographer, Bob Gruen, recently spent an hour with NPR talking about his friend and photographic subject, John Lennon. One of the things I love about Green Day is their obvious love for the history of Rock, particularly the history of punk. In that respect, it’s always great to know the history of your favorite subject. Gruen, a long-time friend of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, gives a straight-forward, funny and heartfelt interview not only on Lennon but also rocknroll history. Take some time to click on the link above and listen.

Today, October 9, 1940 is Lennon’s 70th birthday. We miss you here in NYC, John. The world misses you, too. Thanks, and happy birthday.

Also, thanks to Moffieee for reminding us that today is also John Entwistle’s birthday, too. Visit her Tumblr for a nice tribute to him.

Here’s a nice little message from Yoko Ono on this day:

h/t for interview: AbbeyFox on Twitter; for Yoko Ono message: Beatles on Facebook

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4 responses to “Happy 70th Birthday, John! LENNONYC: Beyond Broadcast – Episode 2: Bob Gruen | American Masters

  • Barb

    OH, oh oh! Thank you, Elderta! My very first(11yo!) rock love crush, and music hero, John Lennon(and the Beatles, of course). Without your blog, I would not have known about the Lennonnyc project, and probably never heard these wonderful interviews! Thank you so much! I’ve listened to 1/2 so far, but had quickly stop just to thanks for your blog, and all the hyperlinks, info, web sites, photos, etc., etc., that you put up! Okay, bye, going back to the interviews……lol.

    • Green Day Mind

      Thanks, Barb! Glad I am here for you, lol! As the tour winds down, I’m going to move more and more to stuff that is both Green Day and non-Green Day related, hopefully you will still find the links informative and fun! Best! to you!

  • Alex M.

    Yay! I got mentioned and referenced; I feel important. 🙂 Thanks, Tanya. Long live The Ox.

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