The Breakdown Will Be Twittered: Tweet Much, Billie Joe?

Twit Much?

I haven’t posted a “The Breakdown Will Be Twittered” alert in awhile, but I was working on my post about Green Day’s Camden show from Tuesday night when all of sudden, the third of not one, but three personal Tweets from Green Day’s Twitter account that didn’t mention anything about buying Rock Band or Pacsun Green Day shorts popped up from none other than -BJ himself. I guess they went off to Buffalo, NY directly after playing Camden on Tuesday and Billie Joe was either really bored in Buffalo or just really excited about stuff, but one Tweet was about the performance in Camden, and the other two about looking for guitars and needing new local band stickers for Blue! Funny and awesome!

And of course since the band doesn’t send personal Tweets that often, I believe that they were inundated by incoming Tweets from teenies of “OMG, BJ SPEAKS,” or comments about his hair, pants, how much he’s loved, or any number of things that would actually probably have to be censored. It’s great when they Tweet occasionally, and yesterday’s messages were kinda cool:

“Bring me stickers of your local bands to the shows! I need more stickers for “blue”!!” -bj about 16 hours ago via UberTwitter

“In buffalo checking out elmwood! Looking for guitars!” about 17 hours ago via UberTwitter

“1st show of tour was amazing! Gr8 to b back in the states. Camden NJ!! Highlight for me was paper lanterns! Ready to fuck shit up! -bj” 1:59 AM Aug 4th

First of all, it was really nice of him to acknowledge the show at Camden and being back home here in the U.S. At the show on Tuesday he made a couple of jokes about being in the States, and when the crowd started to chant, “USA USA,” he jokingly replied, “USSR USSR.” When that didn’t go over very well, he replied, “Actually, it’s more like the country of “BJA” “BJA.” That would be a cool and fun but strange country to live in, I think. There was a great energy at the Camden show, and the band seemed pretty psyched to play. “Paper Lanterns” was sweet to hear, BJA has proven that he knows Internet shorthand (‘Gr8 b’), and we’re all happy that he’s ready to “fuck shit up!”

It’s also pretty cool that he wants stickers of local bands. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Green Day is a band that appreciates music that doesn’t get played much on the National or International level. I’m going to assume that he wants the stickers not only for his guitar, but to also discover what bands are playing locally out there that people dig. Very cool.

So, if you’re going to the shows over the next month, bring him stickers! Not sure how you’re going to actually get them to him, but heck, where there is a will, there is probably a way.

Have fun everyone going to tonight’s gig in Buffalo!

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5 responses to “The Breakdown Will Be Twittered: Tweet Much, Billie Joe?

  • greendaylover


    I have a question about your fantastic blog, your header? I have also a Green Day blog in Sweden and I’m blogging with wordpress.

    I can only load pictures with low quality and wondering wich type you’re using. I would be so happy if you could take your time and answer.

    -+-+- Beatrice (Webmaster,

    • greendaymind

      Hi, Beatrice, nice blog! I’ll try and add a link under my fansites area when I get home later on!

      My friend Violeta designs my headers, but I think it all depends on the WordPress template that you are using? My template is the ChaoticSoul one and it allows headers of up to 760 × 151 pixels, so Violeta designs them in that size only. Maybe you can also ask about this question in the WordPress site forum? They may have a better answer for you? I know that my template usually cuts the header picture in half, but I have actually bought the custom CSS to be able to have a header that does not have the picture break in the middle. I don’t think this matters one way or the other for your blog, however.

      Good luck, please come back to visit!
      –Green Day Mind

    • greendaymind

      Oh, and she uses .png for the header, but I’m not sure that matters?

  • greendaylover

    Nice of you, Maybe I have to buy Custom CSS… Thanx! You really helped me.

    A big Green Day hug from Beatrice

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