Green Day Rock Band Trailer

  • Spike TV hosted the Video Game Awards last night and Green Day made a big announcement regarding their new game coming out from Harmonix next year. My friend Luke sent this to me… again, it’s one of those, “hey, you are a Green Day fan and I thought of you when I saw it” moments. I am not a huge fan of Rock Band… I’ve only played it once in my life to hilarious affect, but I’m sure that there are a lot of happy people out there today over this announcement. Rock on!

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Update: The GDA has a nice selection of articles and more information regarding Green Day and Rock Band.

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2 responses to “Green Day Rock Band Trailer

  • greendayloveat38

    i FINALLY got the chance to play this game at my soon to be brother-in-law’s apartment and clearly im not a video-game-sorta-gal. cant really get all worked up about it…that being said the graphics look adorable and if i were a game-head AND a green day fan i could see what the fuss is all about. i like that your friend thinks of you everytime there is some new GREEN DAY thing out…hey…there’s a new GREEN DAY toilet bowl seat out…i thought of you ;-)…but seriously, that’s very sweet of your friend!

    • greendaymind

      Greendayloveat38, this is a DIFFERENT friend who sent me a link. That’s two so far! Haha… I’ve played Rock Band and had a great time at it, but my ancient Playstation (which I don’t even use anymore) couldn’t handle it… and it’s expensive, too. But if I go back to my friend’s house that has the game and we could download some songs, I would be more than happy to play some Green Day. But I would be the only one in the room who knows the songs. I borrowed a friend’s computer since mine is on the fritz, so it doesn’t like to play videos since it can’t handle the advanced graphics of flash, so I’ve only seen the graphics at a weird delay. So, unfortunately, I can’t really see this until I get to work today.

      And about Gimme Something Better, I was going to write about it this weekend, but holiday parties got in the way, among other things. But I will… hopefully…. one day…

      And a GREEN DAY toilet bowl seat…. WHERE??? I need it!! LOL… 🙂

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