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Green Day Speaks with KTUV on the Making of American Idiot

Green Day Interview with KTUV on American Idiot

Green Day Interview with KTUV on American Idiot

greenday.com posted a new interview with the band on the making of American Idiot. It’s a good interview, though it starts off with some slow and inane questions and the band looks eternally bored at certain times. They warm up to the questions eventually and there are some funny moments, particularly when Billie Joe says that Tré Cool choreographed the show. At the end, there are two very very brief clips of the show live. The video can’t be embedded, so go here and view it.

This Is The End…

I’m so glad we had this time together,
Just to have a laugh, and sing a song.
Seems we just got started and before we knew it
Came the time we had to say, ‘So long.’

It seems like eight short weeks ago that Green Day sprang back onto the concert circuit with their 2009 U.S. Tour. And you know what, it was only eight short weeks ago that they started out in Seattle, WA, through to Canada, a bit of the Midwest and back up to the Great North, through Yankee territory, down on to Philly and conquering D.C., to the South and Texas, Middle America, and the West Coast and the Sun Belt, and finally, ending it all last night in LA LA Land.

Do not fret as they make their North American goodbyes, for in a short month, they will begin the breakdown of Europe and all will be well!

In the meantime, there’s MTV’s Video Music Awards coming up, where Green Day will perform (9/13), and Green Day’s American Idiot also begins soon. It’s going to be a busy but laid back month and every one probably needs a break, you know, to sit down with the kids, take a long bath, say hi to the missus, stuff like that. And yes, the end of September brings them traveling out of the country at least through to January. Yes, they will be gone from America for such a long time, but the world needs them, too. LOL. At any rate, rumor has it that there will be a second U.S. tour leg sometime next year. So, Lord willing and the crick don’t rise, we’ll have them back again next year. Can’t wait.

Three Friends

Three Friends

Rest up, boys! Europe, Australia and Japan are waiting for you!

Green Day on television music show in Japan, June 2009

Japan Loves Green Day

*Photograph by unknown photographer. Green Day Authority Picture Vault. Video via Current TV and Green Day Authority.

Green Day’s American Idiot (the Musical)

While I wonder what’s happening tonight at Green Day’s show in Phoenix, where free tickets are being distributed to hardcore fans at the Idiot Club for a special taping for the tour’s sponsor, Verizon, my thoughts turn toward next month’s upcoming musical opening at the Berkeley Repertory Company. (I’m also hoping that when they say it’s for Verizon that I will not have to regret the only thing about my having an iPhone… and that’s AT&T… because non-Verizon customers won’t be able to see it. Blech.)

Via my Google News subscription, I got a notice saying that Rollingstone.com’s “Rock and Roll Daily” had posted an online dossier of the cast of Green Day’s American Idiot, including a few Youtube highlights with the likes of the Spring Awakening cast and a fine turn of tune with Queen by Tony Vincent as the late, great, Freddie Mercury (may he rest in peace).

Check them out:

Spring Awakening Cast featuring John Gallagher appearing on Late Night with David Letterman

Queen with Tony Vincent and the Cast of We Will Rock You, singing for the Queen’s Jubilee at Buckingham Palace

From Mass Hysteria at the GDC, comes links to the Berkeley Repertory Company’s Blog that has been giving periodical updates on the show’s progression. You’ll also get updates on the other shows that are happening for the 2009-2010 Berkeley Rep season as well. It’s a great theater and lots of amazing performances have come out of the premiere theater on the West Coast for ground-breaking performance presentations.

American Idiot is going to be quite the challenge to bring to life, but from the cast profiles and the strength of the director and the band, I can’t wait to see it.