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Happy New Year and Green Day Community 2010 Calendar

Green Day Community 2010 Calendar - Front - Click on Pic to Download Calendar

Happy New Year from New York City – or more specifically, Brooklyn!

What can I say about 2009? Well, a lot, but I’ll spare you the details. Let’s suffice it to say that Green Day helped get me through a pretty tough year of genocide-related research and activities. Through following Green Day this year, I have met some great folks from the entire spectrum of Green Day fans and a multitude of nationalities. And I even got to meet Billie Joe and Tre. So while I’m currently sick and broker than sin at the moment, it’s been one of those years that I will never regret, even the genocide part. I was able to travel to Europe twice (once to see Green Day in London), out to California twice (to see American Idiot – The Musical as well as attend Fake New Year’s with the band), out to San Antonio (and guess who I saw there?), and four other Green Day shows in the New York area. As to genocide, both conferences that I presented at turned out to be pretty good. If you’d like to see one of my presentations, you can view it here and scroll down to Tanya Elder.

It’s been a great year but the time has come to say farewell to 2009.

Tomorrow, 2010 will be upon us as we leave the first decade of the 21st century behind in the dust. For the most part, I’m going to have to say good riddance to it. This first decade of the new century has been turbulent, life-shattering and plain awful. But at least we’re all still here, I suppose. Who knows what the new decade will bring? Let’s hope only good things as we continue on the road to the Breakdown.

There’s more great stuff coming from Green Day in 2010, and I hope you’ll stick around to enjoy the band and my quaint little blog. Remember, I’m only blogging about Green Day through to the official end of the 21st Century Breakdown current tour, whenever that happens in late 2010. So until then, here’s a calendar made by the kids (and somewhat proofed by me) over at the Green Day Community to highlight each month of 2010 with Green Day views and facts. Click here or on the calendar front page image above to download your Green Day Community 2010 Wallpaper Calendar. The image below has previews of all of the months as well as the authors of each page. Click on the pic to preview the calendar.

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Go Mix This and Listen to Lauren’s Mash Up

As you may know, Verizon sponsored the North American leg of Green Day’s tour that kicked off back in July of 2009. Verizon produced the numerous soundchecks that occurred during the tour (I believe the soundchecks were great events for fans but I am not quite sure what the band thought of them), as well as free t-shirts, food, games, cool photographs outside of the venues that were flashed onto the big boards above the stadiums pre-show, and concert footage at both the VCast Verizon GD site and Facebook.

The Green Day VCast site is now offering you the chance to re-mix a few songs from 21st Century Breakdown. The best remix wins some awesome gifts: both a guitar and a drum kit signed by Billie or Tre.

Go on over and remix your own and take a listen to the entry by Lauren Banjo. Lauren attended one of the soundchecks during the tour, and actually got Billie Joe  to sing “Misery” from Warning during the soundcheck by providing him with the lyrics. It was epic.

You can read about my take on the somewhat sacred vibe of the soundcheck (or rehearsal), for the performer, here.

*News via GDA and Facebook

Rocktober Group Photo

Rocktober! Group Photo

Rocktober Idiots in London

This was only a fraction of the Rocktober Idiots who met up from around the world (including Germany, the U.S., Australia, Brazil, and South Africa) for a crazy weekend of Green Day at London’s O2. We had a fabulous time and sang loudly to Green Day music at the Slug and Lettuce restaurant. More to come!

*Photo by Mary O’Neill, American Idiot!

Green Day Make 2009 VMAs All About Their Fans – News Story | Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV News

This backstage video was shot last night at the VMAs. Mike Dirnt expresses thanks to we fans for voting for “21 Guns.” I know I voted about 100 times.The second part of the video shows a backstage perspective of Green Day’s performance of “East Jesus Nowhere.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Las Vegas in Black, White and Pink

Ah, Las Vegas. What happens there of course stays there, and this is one of the shows that I most wanted to go to. I’ve never been to Vegas, and what better way to be introduced to the city of lust and money than to see Green Day? I can’t think of any other reason to go to Vegas, actually. Alas, it was not meant to be. My current adventures ended in San Antonio, sadly.

While I wasn’t able to attend, I did read about the show a bit on the IC and GDC Boards. I won’t go into details, except for one. From what I gather, this show had a very lively soundcheck with some hardcore fans who flew in from around the country, including a girl named Lauren, who had already been to a few GD shows on the East Coast. I was happy to learn that Lauren, with her ever-present “Nimrod” cone hat and her Ernie hand puppets, was successful in her quest to get Billie to sing a few verses of the lost classic from Warning, “Misery.” They rarely do this song at shows; it’s long and Cabaret-like, but worthy of performance every once in awhile. Embrace your inner Broadway, boys, I mean, aren’t you doing a musical or something, I hear? LOL. Maybe the AI cast can prank you or something and forced you to do it live one day? Hmmm…

This was the second attempt at a soundcheck, if I am correct, where fans persuaded Billie to sing a bit of “Misery.” Problem is, Billie doesn’t remember the words, I mean, who does? 🙂 I don’t know if the first group provided lyrics, but Lauren smartly wrote them on a sign, with Billie finally relenting to sing a verse or two. With Lauren, I really don’t think he had any other choice, she was on a valiant mission and did not fail us. Bwahaha. She was also mentioned in a review as a “grown woman” spotted in the crowd with an Ernie doll. Lauren isn’t even out of her teens yet. You go girl!

On a side note, I’m trying not to think about ROCKTOBER, big time, but London is calling.

Back to Las Vegas, though. Ryan O. from a site newly created by fans at Flickr (Green Day Flickr Group), posted some lovely black and white images of the band taken at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. See some highlights below while the entire set can be viewed here. Be sure to check out his other band photographs from Mandalay Bay while your at it.

Billie in motion, as usual:

Billie in Motion - Green Day, Las Vegas. Photo by Ryan O. from the Green Day Fan Flickr Group

Billie in Motion - Green Day - Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Photo by Ryan O. from the Green Day Fan Flickr Group

Tré always keeps the beat:

Tré Cool Rules - Green Day - Las Vegas, 2009. Photo by Ryan O. from Green Day Flickr Group

Tré Cool Rules - Green Day - Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, 2009. Photo by Ryan O. from Green Day Flickr Group

Mike with my favorite of his basses, the black star on white with three hand-drawn XXX’s. They remind me of the city symbol of Amsterdam, one of my favorite places:

Mike and the Bass - Mike Dirnt, Green Day, Las Vegas. Photo by Ryan O. from the Green Day Fan Flickr Group

Mike and the Bass - Green Day - Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Photo by Ryan O. from the Green Day Fan Flickr Group

There’s your black and white, and now to the pink: Billie and his boa. I posted a while ago about a red hot boa brought to Billie by Teenage Lush. It was a rich, deep red and well, Billie looks good in red.

I was hoping that someone would give him a giant Vegas showgirl tiara with swooping feathers, LOL, but there was something better. Billie brought his own hot pink and fluffy boa, according to eyewitnesses. He done did good. From a Youtube video, however, he didn’t wear it for too long into the song. It may have been just a bit too fluffly!

I swear, he reminds me of Marlene Dietrich sometimes:

Hot Pink and Fluffy - Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day - Las Vegas, 2009. Photo by Cheryl McCloskey.

Hot Pink and Fluffy - Boa by Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day - Las Vegas, 2009. Photo by Cheryl McCloskey.

Here’s a slightly “X-rated,” if you will, bit of “King for a Day.” I feel naughty just posting it. eek… it was LAS VEGAS, after all.

Ah, Vegas.

MSG1: M. Chickenman Speaks

I mentioned in the Madison Square Garden post that there was a certain fellow in a construction hat who had an interesting time of it during Green Day’s audience participation performance of that night’s “Longview.” At the punkest blog in the world, Exquisit Corps, Mike Chickenman talks about his passion for Green Day, and that stage dive, too.