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Green Day Authority Goes to the Tonys

Static Noise Podcast with Art Work by Violeta Kalfova

Ok, the Green Day Authority really didn’t go to the Tonys, but site leader Andres Martinez and moderator J’net Newton, along with American Idiot Road Trip winner, Katie Pansy McGrogan, did go to the Opening Night After Party back on April 20th. As mentioned last week, the three talk about their adventures during opening night week on the Green Day Authority’s new Static Noise podcast. Prior to talking about their opening night adventures, Andres and Alex chat again on all things Green Day, including last Sunday’s Tony Awards.

Click on the picture and take a listen. And don’t forget to subscribe to the Static Noise weekly Podcast on iTunes.

Green Day Authority New “Static Age” Podcast Now on iTunes

Static Noise Podcast with Art Work by Violeta Kalfova

Last week, the Green Day Authority began a new weekly podcast that’s now available on iTunes. The first episode is out and features GDA admins Andres and Alex as they talk about the new podcast and discuss all things Green Day. You can listen to last week’s show on iTunes or at the Green Day Authority itself. There’s a link on the site to the Green Day Community, where you can see the topics discussed and a mess of links to Green Day Rock Band and Rock Band Contests, European tour updates, American Idiot on Broadway news, and a few articles that featured the band, including Vogue, Kerrang! and Big Cheese! [Click the links to view scans.]

I’m not too sure about the Vogue spread, it’s a strange magazine to see the band in, but it’s got some interesting insights on the “Rebel Yell” in regards to a new slew of musicals out in New York, including American Idiot, Fela! and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. While I haven’t seen Fela!, Bill T. Jones’ work on the legendary singer and leader, I have taken the opportunity to see Bloody Bloody and I highly recommend the show. It’s currently at Joe Papp’s Public Theater in New York’s East Village and tells the tale of Andrew Jackson’s American presidency in rock ‘n roll musical form. The show has been extended three or four times off-Broadway and it’s slated to move to the Broad Way later this year. The guy who plays Andrew Jackson is pretty hot, too, so I guess along with great music and book, a great theme surrounding American exceptionalism and the awful Trail of Tears (the forcible removal of Native Americans from the South to the West,) and awesome set design, it’s certainly worth a look! It’s also quite funny and surprisingly even-handed on handling both good and bad criticism of Jackson’s presidency and the American public itself.

The next podcast will be available for download on iTunes on June 8th, and there will be, I’m sure, extensive talk on Green Day’s Rock Band as that is the game’s release date also. On June 16th, tune in for Andres Martinez, joined by Green Day Community Admin J’net Newton and Katie Pansy McGrogan, one of the two fans chosen to come to New York to cover the American Idiot opening.  Katie will talk about her moments on the red carpet and all three discuss the opening night cast party that they attended at the Roseland Ballroom. A “don’t miss” for fans of American Idiot!

Green Day Mind Banner 2009 by Violeta

A big shout out goes to Violeta Kalfova, who did the artwork for the GDA’s “Static Noise” Podcast Cover. The talented Violeta also does the banners for this site. Awesome as always, Violeta!*

Everybody… Vogue…

Uh... Everybody... Vogue. Vogue Magazine "Rebel Yell" June 2010.

*GDA and GDM share no official affiliation, but definitely share an appreciation of the same subject matter!

21st Century Breakdown Video – Only Available Outside of the U.S.

Screenshot from Green Day's "21st Century Breakdown" video

Screenshot from Green Day's "21st Century Breakdown" video

The new Green Day video to the International release (except for the United States) of “21st Century Breakdown” came out this morning. Americans can’t view it yet, but until further notice you can stream it here.

It’s fucking brilliant as far as I’m concerned.

Thank you, Marc Webb.

Thank you, Green Day.

And thank you, Green Day Authority.

Update: Stupid Warner Brothers asked the GDA to take down the video. Maybe next time that they release a video without giving it to the actual fans, they’ll think twice about their marketing, but I doubt it. Warner Brothers makes one stupid decision after another regarding Green Day material, so I don’t expect it to stop anytime soon. You can now buy the video to “21st Century Breakdown” from iTunes. Thank you Andres, for giving them an earful, too… even if they really could care less about a band’s fans.

Update 2: Green Day has uploaded the video to “21st Century Breakdown” to their Myspace page.

UPDATE: The Myspace link sometimes says you can’t get the video in the States. Don’t know if this really works, but try this also: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=64375394

Green Day Takes New York, Pt. II: MSG1

New York, Madison Square Garden, July 27, 2009
I knew from the moment I exited the Times Union Center that I would not experience the full impact of Green Day’s music at this concert. You see, I had seats… high into the dead zone of MSG. So very sad. Nonetheless, the crowd around me (except for the three people next to me who kept getting out of their seats) were pretty great. There were four young men in crazy hats (Kings for a Day?) who very politely let us know that if their giant sombrero hats got in the way of viewing to say something. And I did. But, my friend who went with me is a only a nominal Green Day fan and while I love her, I don’t think she enjoyed the show very much. I have sworn never to again attend a Green Day show with someone who is a nominal fan. It’s all or nothing for a Green Day show.

Green Day concert seats - MSG1

Green Day concert seats - MSG1

I’ve seen a few concerts at Madison Square Garden and for most of them, I’ve been in the 300 sections, high up under the skyboxes. I hate sitting there. U2 sounded like they were underwater when I saw them there years ago. I noticed the sound difference most specifically during this show when I went down toward the front of the stadium after Billie Joe frightened the MSG security guards by urging fans to (slowly) come down and fill out the pit. Looking from up above, I had a feeling he would do this since the pit on stage right had a slight void of bodies in it. Of course, as usual, I didn’t get down there in time (yes, I left my friend in the dust), and of course, as usual, I chose the wrong aisle to go down because Billie came up to the stadium on the aisle next to me. I’m pretty sure they were clearing that area anyway so that he wouldn’t trip and fall. And he didn’t! Yay! I marched back up to my seat and longed for that pit. My goodness.

Elijah and Green Day

High Five

Other highlights of this show for me where Billie telling the story of fighting with Adrienne over the phone when he was out with friends, while some guy drove by and said, “Fuck you Billie Joe! Green Day sucks!” Billie Joe then went on to relate how he beat the crap out of the guy, goes back into the bar, does some shots and forgets that Adrienne is still on the phone. Apparently this all took place during the tough final record-mixing time. Those days are over now, it’s all good.

I love storytime!

Green Day at Madison Square Garden 1

Green Day at Madison Square Garden 1

I think the thing that I missed most in this show was the chance to dance, play and interact more directly with the band. Billie, Tré and Mike work the crowd like you wouldn’t believe. They draw you into playtime, even if seeing them at great distances. Take it from me, the closer the better. Even if it’s only been three times so far (tomorrow’s MSG fill will make four, all this year) seeing them, I completely regret not taking the opportunity a long time ago. Oh. Well. After only a few shows, I kinda feel addicted now. Is this how all those old Deadheads felt, too? Hmm.

Liz and me at the Green Day show, MSG1

Liz and me at the Green Day show, MSG1

From an audience participation point of view, this show had some great moments. I can’t remember exactly when but at one point a construction hat pops out of the pit, and Billie puts it on. He throws it back to the pit a few seconds later. The construction hat will be back.

Billie in the epic-failed stage dive guy's construction hat - GDA

Billie in the epic-failed stage dive guy's construction hat - GDA

East Jesus Nowhere.” What can I say about this song except for ‘thank you.’ From the very moment when the screeching, metallic quality of the chords start, a powerful moment begins which does not disappoint. The band finds a young, preferably innocent, child upon which to perform a ritual known as “saving the soul.” Sometimes the kids are scared shitless, and sometimes you get a kid like Elijah… with a Biblical name no less… at Madison Square Garden. Good times. Elijah played his part perfectly and deserved the chant that his name got. Billie was pretty good, too. 🙂

“Longview” was surreal. I don’t remember the first verse singer, but for the second verse singer, we come back to the construction hat. From what I understand, some kids from Oakland traveled from California to see the band. The guy with the construction hat being one of them. Well, he got on stage and in a heavy metal sorta Gwar-like voice started the lyrics. Which was kinda cool for a word or two. And then he stopped in the middle of the verse and made Billie sing the song. A bit of a bummer, I’d say, particularly since the second verse is the best verse in “Longview.” In recompense, Billie had him stage dive, which he gladly did. He ran down the cat walk at high speed down and…. he jumps and… nobody catches him. Oops. This clip has the scene, which ends around the 3:37 mark. LOL funny. Luckily, the last dude totally redeems the moment with a great performance and a even better stage dive. As a bonus, the clip also has Basket Case, always a winner. (Hurry before it’s too late!)

Green Day at Madison Square Garden, July 27, 2009

Green Day at Madison Square Garden, July 27, 2009

I think this night was the first time that they played “When I Come Around,” which may have been a request from the floor. Lots of fun signs pop up with requests, but alas, I can’t think of any right now. I was made happy by it being played. Yay! Disappearing Boy made its second appearance on the concert tour (it was also played in Albany), but on this night it was dedicated to Billie’s oldest son, Joey.

Besides the fact that Green Day played, which is the greatest thing in the world, an even greater thing happened during the 40-hour song, “Jesus of Suburbia.” On this tour the song, or portions of it, have been given over to aspiring musicians from the audience in a sort of crap-shoot way (see Construction Hat Guy). Usually it works out well. Occasionally, it works out really fabulously.

Billie began to ask the audience if they could play “Jesus of Suburbia” and was about to settle on a guy with a sign when the guy said two words he never should have uttered, “What song?” Billie looked at him said, “What song? What did I just say, dumbass?” and moved on to a girl with a sign standing next to him. What happened next was magical, and it was a good thing a professional bootlegger… uh… caught it on tape.

Picking Stephanie

Stephanie debuts with Green Day, Madison Square Garden, July 27, 2009

“I fucking love you!”*

Stephanie, from the GDC, is pretty ecstatic, as you may well believe. She got a mention in the Arts Blog of the New York Times, a bunch of other blogs, and most importantly, Larry Livermore mentioned her on his blog. You go, girl!

Elijah needs salvation from his good ways - Green Day - Madison Square Garden1*

Elijah needs salvation from his good ways - Green Day - Madison Square Garden1*

Setlist: MSG1
1. Song of the Century
2. 21st Century Breakdown
3. Know Your Enemy
4. East Jesus Nowhere
5. Holiday
6. Static Age
7. Before the Lobotomy
8. Are We the Waiting
9. St. Jimmy
10. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
11. 2000 Light Years Away
12. Welcome to Paradise
13. Castaway
14. When I Come Around
15. Disappearing Boy
16. Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
17. Thank You (Led Zeppelin)/ Sweet Child O’ Mine (Guns N’ Roses)/ Take Me
Out to the Ball Game/ 99 Bottles of Beer/ Iron Man (Riff)
18. Brain Stew
19. Jaded
20. Longview
21. Basket Case
22. She
23. King For a Day
24. Shout/ Earth Angel (The Penguins)/ Swanee/ I’ll Be There
25. 21 Guns
26. American Eulogy

27. American Idiot
28. Jesus of Suburbia
29. Minority
30. Drama Queen
31. Last Night On Earth (acoustic)
32. Good Riddance

The show traditionally ends with Good Riddance performed by Billie on guitar, and some surprise acoustic numbers have come before it lately. Tonight’s show held a beautiful “Drama Queen” (my first time hearing it live), and a soulful “Last Night on Earth.”

Goodbye until next time. Like tomorrow??

Goodbye until next time. Like tomorrow??

I think the saddest part… and mind you, I had a super time… was not being in the pit and missing the chance to meet Adrienne Armstrong. Apparently she was asking folks in the pit to help with the natural resources project that the band is involved with, the Natural Resources Defense Council or NRDC. You know, some nature crackpots that keep talking about saving the planet or something like that. Good people. It would have been nice to say hello.

Nonetheless, I still had one more show to go. The second night of two shows is always better.*

Photos from: vcastlive.com; greenday.com; greendayauthority.com
*quoth Billie