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All About Dookie – “Having a Blast” – from PopMatters

Part II of AJ Ramirez’ exploration of Dookie is now up at Popmatters.com. Go on over and leave some comments to get the conversation about this album going! The post includes a slightly out-of-sync performance of “Having a Blast” from 1993 as well.

All About Dookie from Pop Matters

Pop Matters, an international magazine that focusses on popular culture and criticism, begins a 14-part series highlighting each song of Green Day’s quintessential masterpiece album, Dookie. Check out the first part on the song “Burnout” here. And yes, they will also talk about that “secret” song, too.

Dookie and Peak of Western Civ

Take a look at this interesting article that reminiscences about Green Day’s phenomenal 1994 album Dookie and what the author deems the “peak of Western civilization.” It’s bound to raise discussion. I’ll update this post later with some thoughts. Aren’t you lucky? 🙂