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Live Stream of European Music Awards

Green Day is nominated for three awards this year at the European Music Awards and will be performing live as well. If I have this link correct, you can watch a live stream of the European Music Awards starting at 9:00 PM Berlin time.

You’ll have to figure out on your own what time that means for you! (Thanks to Beth for the world clock link:


Green Day on BBC’s Jonathan Ross

(Since my computer is still down, I’m on my iPhone and can’t properly link at the moment.)

Green Day was on the Jonathan Ross show last night from the UK and performed a smoking hot version of the smoking hot song, “East Jesus Nowhere.” They played a game, “Monster or Celebrity” and additional guest, actor Christopher Walken, read Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface” as spoken word poetry. The video link below doesn’t have the game or Walken, but you can view that on the BBC repeat on November 1st at 2:10 AM or on BBC America next Friday. I’ll have to check the time for the latter. In the meanwhile, 21st Century Drum Player uploaded the clip below.

21st Century Breakdown Video – Only Available Outside of the U.S.

Screenshot from Green Day's "21st Century Breakdown" video

Screenshot from Green Day's "21st Century Breakdown" video

The new Green Day video to the International release (except for the United States) of “21st Century Breakdown” came out this morning. Americans can’t view it yet, but until further notice you can stream it here.

It’s fucking brilliant as far as I’m concerned.

Thank you, Marc Webb.

Thank you, Green Day.

And thank you, Green Day Authority.

Update: Stupid Warner Brothers asked the GDA to take down the video. Maybe next time that they release a video without giving it to the actual fans, they’ll think twice about their marketing, but I doubt it. Warner Brothers makes one stupid decision after another regarding Green Day material, so I don’t expect it to stop anytime soon. You can now buy the video to “21st Century Breakdown” from iTunes. Thank you Andres, for giving them an earful, too… even if they really could care less about a band’s fans.

Update 2: Green Day has uploaded the video to “21st Century Breakdown” to their Myspace page.

UPDATE: The Myspace link sometimes says you can’t get the video in the States. Don’t know if this really works, but try this also:

Jumping Jehoshaphat!: East Jesus Nowhere Live has put out the second (“American Eulogy” being the first, which was a shortened video of the song*) live clip from Green Day’s North American tour. This one is of my favorite song from 21st Century Breakdown, “East Jesus Nowhere” and it will make you want to JUMP! Turn the volume past 11 and DO IT!

update: There is some confusion on the Green Day fan clubs as to whether this video now constitutes an “official” release since noted two weeks ago that “21st Century Breakdown” was going to be the next single. I am not really sure what is now going on in the Singles department, but if there are simultaneous releases of both songs, officially or unofficially, I am down with that. I love “East Jesus Nowhere”!

*hatthip to MassHysteria for pointing out the video from; post updated 9/19/09

Green Day Wins Best Rock Video | Video | MTV

Green Day’s short but sweet acceptance speech. Who knew that Tré had such a big axe?

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Green Day Make 2009 VMAs All About Their Fans – News Story | Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV News

This backstage video was shot last night at the VMAs. Mike Dirnt expresses thanks to we fans for voting for “21 Guns.” I know I voted about 100 times.The second part of the video shows a backstage perspective of Green Day’s performance of “East Jesus Nowhere.”

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East Jesus Nowhere (Live) | Green Day | Music Video | MTV

Green Day performs “East Jesus Nowhere” at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards

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Green Day Wins MTV’s Best Rock Video Award 2009

Green Day wins MTV’s Best Rock Video, Best Cinematography, and Best Direction for “21 Guns,” directed by Marc Webb.

Green Day, nominated this year for three of MTV’s Moon Men, won for Best Rock Video, Best Cinematography and Best Direction tonight for “21 Guns.”

Yesterday they made a splash at the awards rehearsal when they rehearsed “East Jesus Nowhere” a few times and then put on an impromptu concert for the staff and crew at Radio City Music Hall. MTV posted four videos of an interview conducted with Green Day behind the scenes at Radio City Music. Click here to view them at MTV’s site.

On another note, I had to work at Bryant Park yesterday, which isn’t far from Radio City Music Hall, so I walked up to Radio City to see if I could see the boys at rehearsal… and missed them going into Radio City by five minutes. But I waited for them to come out and they finally did. I yelled out, “See you in London next month,” and Tré gave me a funny face and I gave him one back. Unfortunately, the video I took sucks balls, so I won’t be putting it up here.

Green Day also performed at the VMA’s tonight and did a rocking version of “East Jesus Nowhere.” Billie snuck in the line, “all the fucks that never learned to read.” bwahaha. The boys… they know how to rock. If MTV posts a video that I can link to, I’ll do that as soon as possible.

Congrats, Green Day, you completely deserve it!

Green Day Wins Best Rock Video at the MTV Video Awards.

Green Day Wins Best Rock Video at the MTV Video Awards, 2009. Photo by REUTERS/Gary Hershorn

The Next Single


Well, lo and behold, the next single is actually “East Jesus Nowhere.” I am happy.



Green Day will be filming a video for their next single “21st Century Breakdown” with director Marc Webb.

I saw “21st Century Breakdown” and its opening companion piece, “Song of the Century” live four times this summer, as well as numerous times on Youtube. (Oh, what a love/hate relationship I have with Youtube due to copyright issues.) The performance posted below was filmed at Madison Square Garden on July 27th (and we’ll leave that at that). It was a fabulous show and my second time hearing 21CB live. Prior to my fourth time hearing it live at San Antonio, I literally found myself craving to hear the song live once more. In fact, when I think of going to London for two shows in October, I can think of almost nothing else besides hearing both “Song of the Century” (recorded) and “21st Century Breakdown” live again.

Many people, including me, predicted (or hoped) that the next single would be “East Jesus Nowhere,” a hard-hitting song about the vagaries of our modern-day religious system. It’s screeching, loud and indignant and I will say truthfully, captures all of the inner angst that I feel about organized religion with lyrics like, “Put your faith in a miracle… And it’s non-denominational…. Join the choir we will be singing… In the church of wishful thinking” as well as “I want to know who’s allowed to breed… All the dogs who never learned to read… Missionary politicians… And the cops of a new religion.” (Though sometimes I have to question myself about the breeding dogs line because I’ve actually thought worse sentiments at times. Just keeping it real, people, just keeping it real.)

Alas, EJN is not the new single, it’s going to be the terrific title song of the album, “21st Century Breakdown.” “21st Century Breakdown” in itself is a problematic song with lyrics such as “Born into Nixon, I was raised in hell… A welfare child where the teamsters dwelled…” and “Video games of the tower’s fall.. Homeland security could kill us all…”. Ouch. The lyrics aren’t as overt as “East Jesus Nowhere,” and the music behind them softens the blow by a bit. “21st Century Breakdown” is not a song to be taken lightly.

And when this song is played live, the house rocks out. Check it out below.

Drunk Bunny, “Song of the Century” and “21st Century Breakdown.” –

Madison Square Garden, July 27th, 2009

F.O.D.: Hartford, Ct.

I became a member of the Idiot Club long after the seats to the NYC secret shows had already come and gone. I missed the first round of pre-sales, mostly because I felt like a schmuck being a johnny-come-lately. But when, after a few months as a member ($20 mostly well-spent), Green Day made an additional batch of tickets available through the fan club for Hartford, Albany, and the second MSG, I had some thinking to do. Which of these shows would I go to? The second MSG was a given, and in fact, I already had my ticket to Albany. My real dilemma: whether to add to the three shows I was already lucky enough to attend the XL Center Hartford show on Friday, July 24. I decided against it as I was already pushing my luck.

From reading fans on the Internet, I had a feeling that this show would have an extra special something just by the enthusiasm of the crowd. These guys were die-hard,  hardcore fans and the great majority of them that ended up in GA that night knew Green Day from at least back to the 18-year old album, 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours. From the setlist (posted below) to the few videos out there of the show, this one seems to have had something extra special: “Welcome to Paradise” (Kerplunk!/Dookie), “Dominated Love Slave” (Kerplunk!), “Only of You” (1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours), “Christie Road” (Kerplunk!), and most especially, to me, Dookie’s, “F.O.D.” (Fuck Off and Die). This song was completely spurred by a demand from the audience, and in this video, the chant “F.O.D.,” “F.O.D.” makes a strong case for playing it. The video of it gets me excited and makes me laugh at the same time.

As recorded, the song starts out rather quietly and timid, and in the middle, breaks out into dance havoc. This video perfectly captures the 180 degree turn that this song makes during its progression. Billie and the band get so into it toward the end, that Billie almost… almost… attempts a Pete Townsend whirlwind guitar arm.

Ah yes, I’ve been lucky so far this tour, but I will always regret not getting my ass to Hartford.

1. 21st Century Breakdown
2. Know Your Enemy
3. East Jesus Nowhere
4. Holiday
5. Static Age
6. Hitchin’ A Ride
7. Welcome to Paradise
8. Dominated Love Slave
9. Only of You
10. Christie Road
11. F.O.D
12. Brainstew
13. Jaded
14. Longview
15. Basketcase
16. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
17. She
18. King For a Day
19. Shout
20. American Eulogy
21. American Idiot
22. Jesus of Suburbia
23. Minority
24. Last Night On Earth
25. Good Riddance

*Setlist: GDA