Two Green Day Auctions:, et al and Grammy Foundation, Paper+Plastic and Limited Pressings recently began a sweet auction for Haiti relief that I was going to post about, but then the Grammys happened, and I forgot about it. The auction is ongoing and has so far raised around $16,500 for Haiti relief. All proceeds go to my favorite organization, Doctors Without Borders. Green Day vinyls are being auctioned, so if you are lucky to have a record player (I’m not so lucky), go and take a look at all of the punk artists on auction now.

The Grammys MusiCares Foundation is auctioning off some Green Day-related items as well, though these aren’t for Haiti relief and some of them have a high starting bid threshold. Check them out, though. There is a signed Les Paul guitar, signed photographs of the band, and a signed vinyl copy of 21st Century Breakdown. While the auction isn’t for Haiti relief, it is for a good cause nonetheless. You can find out more about MusiCares here.

Tre with Green Day-signed Les Paul guitar for Grammy auction

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2 responses to “Two Green Day Auctions:, et al and Grammy Foundation

  • Abbey

    hi ms. breakdown. i havent left a note here in a while but have of course visited. i guess the green day families want to take a european vacation this summer. will travel for work or will work for travel?

    • greendaymind

      Hey, do you blame them? Europe in the summer is wonderful! I hope to be there for the shows at Wembley and Manchester. Got the tickets, just need the flight! We’ll see!

      Thanks for stopping by. I have been talking to myself a lot lately! 🙂 As usual!

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