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The Tonys What? – American Idiot Wins Two Tony Awards

Broadway What? - Green Day at the Tonys - Click on Pic for More Tonys Photos

Green Day made their Broadway entry into Tony Award history last night by flying into New York after a storm-filled concert in Austria on Saturday to appear at the Tonys on Sunday night and actually singing two Green Day songs with the cast on stage. They also played at their cast after party at Espace in Manhattan. I had an opportunity to go to the party, but “responsibility” kicked into my brain and I went home to sleep for work. What an idiot! (UPDATE: But lookie here: they were actually at Bowery Electric playing! Hmm… )

While American Idiot did not win the big award last night – Best Musical of the Year (that honor went to Memphis as predicted by Tony insiders) – the show did pick up two much-deserved Creative Awards, Best Set Design by Christine Jones and Best Lighting Design by Kevin Adams. Although in my heart of hearts I wanted American Idiot to win the top award, I also knew there wasn’t a chance in hell that they would. Broadway hates that American Idiot exists, though the Tonys will use Green Day as artists for ratings in a heartbeat (and thankfully a slew of kids who never thought of Broadway before have now been exposed to the possibilities of theater, too.) However, it’s great that the Tonys acknowledged the set and lightning design as it is some of the most creative and out there tech design on Broadway. Big kudos to Jones and Adams for their work.

I’ll post more thoughts on the Tonys at a later time. In the meanwhile, enjoy the performances below!

Green Day Authority has a few posts up regarding last night’s broadcast here and here, including videos of last night’s performance.

DJ Rich Russo posted a short Twid Vid of the band playing “It’s Fuck Time,” joined by composer Tom Kitt and Theo Stockman here. Ha! I hope the cast, crew, and Green Day all sleep well today… all fucking day.