Billie Joe Saves Ten in One Fell Swoop

As you may have heard, Green Day was on fire during their recent tour of Great Britain and the Emerald Isle, playing to massively sold out crowds, creating music and mania, and coming out to England as the Foxboro Hot Tubs.

Billie, who’s been wearing a vest with the name “Jesus” on it lately (maybe he’s Spanish, who knows?), has regularly been ‘saving’ young children and the ocassional adult on the tour. I saw him save two kids in San Antonio and I thought that was a lot!

Well, at Wembley on November 1st, the band brought up ten to be saved, including a great fellow by the name of Tony Anastasi (in the cowboy hat) whom I met while I was in England.

The two videos below are of this hallowed event, the first one being the song itself. The second video is very unique. One of the ten who were saved actually had his camera on, taping the moment from a salvation point of view. While the final “boom” of salvation isn’t taped, it’s great to see the actual saving huddle.

And Tony is very happy to have been saved by Billie, as one can well imagine!

A bird’s eye view of salvation:

An additional view:

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