Green Day London, October 24, 2009

I got back to the hotel an hour ago from seeing Green Day for the second night at the 02 in London. I’ll have to write more about it when I get back to the States. I just wanted to write that of the shows I went to in the States and the first London gig, the second night at the 02 blew all of them hands down out of the water. The boys were on fire tonight singing several older songs but the treat for me was a full band rendition of “Give Me Novacaine.” “Novacaine” is my favorite song off of American Idiot and hearing it live was soul cleansing.

Anyway, I’ll write more when I get back to the States next week. I’m very sad to be leaving and not attending more of the English gigs, but really, my dreams of seeing them in England have come true. I got everything that I needed from this show. Plus, I’m bringing one of Tre’s drumsticks home with me.

Thank you, Billie Joe, Mike and Tre, tonight was kinda special. Thank you.

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