The Breakdown will be Twittered: San Jose, CA (Welcome Back to Cali Edition)

Welcome back home to California, boys, welcome back to Cali.

AshCamilleB Green day live is insane! And notings better than having a crazy ass moshpit dancer like susana with me! Yaaaaay!!! 2 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

JennBarich At the green day concert. Ooooolldd school. 3 minutes ago from TwitterFon

patundergone green day is absolutly incredible 4 minutes ago from txt

prettymesss Green day is such a tease 5 minutes ago from Twitterrific

ultracore I can’t believe Danny is twittteing through green day‘s set!! 5 minutes ago from txt

jeff_jordan Green Day in San Jose! Tearing the roof off the sucka! 5 minutes ago from TwitterFon

ultracore Green day isn’t even singing! These guys paid $50 to be here and are doing all the work! 7 minutes ago from txt

eldrix4 I’m not the oldest person at Green Day in San Jose. Phew! 7 minutes ago from Tweets60

leighrowena I’m an hour and a half into Green Day in the Bay, and there are no signs of stopping. #greenday 8 minutes ago from txt

erikbethke Green day! Box seats!! Me!!! Holly fuck I am a lucky bastard!!!!! 8 minutes ago from TwitterFon

angelaocc green day is playing for 3 hours tonight if anyone was wondering lol 8 minutes ago from mobile web

cmedders is rockin’ hard with Green Day. She might be an American Idiot. And she is SO okay with that! #fb 9 minutes ago from mobile web

brainchylde Actually getting to see green day right now. They are on fucking fire tonight. 10 minutes ago from txt

imabor3ddude Green Day brought out the disco ball. Disco ball + concert = pure awesomness. 11 minutes ago from UberTwitter

Iroscionn 4 coronas down. drunk and rockin to green day! 12 minutes ago from txt

bluntzilla – HP Pavilion is going crazy! #greenday

And not from California, but a damned good question:

DRainsbergerii The hospital was playing “Good Riddence (Time of Your Life)” by Green Day in the halls today. anyone besides me find that odd? 11 minutes ago from Twidget

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