Letterbomb at Lollapalooza

UPDATE: Finally, some… uh… nice person on the Youtubes captured it…

I saw this earlier today and wasn’t able to write much about it, but I’ve been anticipating “Letterbomb” big time over the last few days after hearing that the Buffalo show was treated to this gem from Green Day’s album, American Idiot. I wasn’t disappointed. Let’s go fucking crazy, indeed! I’ve seen Rebecca Jones from the cast of American Idiot do this song many times over the last year, and I truly think that the counterparts of Billie Joe Armstrong and Rebecca singing this song from a male and female perspective is fascinating. I love hearing Rebecca tear it up, full of focus and verve as she tells Johnny off during the musical. Of course, it will always be Billie Joe’s song, as evidenced by this fiery performance at Lollapalooza, but Rebecca certainly captures the feminine angst and primal scream of “Letterbomb” and gives Billie Joe a run for his money.

UPDATE: At the same time, it’s all Armstrong’s song, and in this video, he throws everything in it, even Rebecca’s scream of “WAKE UP” that she does in the musical. I didn’t realize that about the “Wake Up” scream until EllenKC from the GDC mentioned it. This video is the first time I’ve seen him do this song live, I didn’t know it originated from Rebecca. You go, girl! What a nice symmetry between the musical and “Letterbomb.” I love it!

Good grief, I can’t wait to hear what Thursday at Hartford brings!

Thanks to Green Day LIVE on Tour on Facebook (… and sorry that you hate Facebook so much, Green Day (or even Youtube)… there are some great things about it as well as crappy things, sadly…) for the link.

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