Hitchin’ a Ride to See Green Day Taping for the Carson Daly Show

I’ve had a saying lately, that the Lushie Gods are good. Or as the line from “Before the Lobotomy” goes, “I’m not cursed cause I’ve been blessed,” though really, I don’t know how it’s been happening. Usually my luck is non-existent, but lately, since I’ve been living by the “in the moment” credo of Green Day, things have gone surprisingly well. I decided on Wednesday to head to California to see the taping that Green Day is doing for the Carson Daly show, and by Thursday, things had fallen into place like clockwork. I fly off tomorrow and will be back on Tuesday.

On Sunday, don’t forget to watch Green Day on the American Music Awards on ABC-TV! Green Day is nominated and will be performing as well. You can watch the Red Carpet and Awards show here.

The Boys won a MTV college Woodie for Best Live Band last week and the People’s Choice Awards are still coming up, so don’t forget to vote for them for Favorite Rock Band. You can use the widget below to vote.

This is my choice for:

Favorite Rock Band
Green Day

Lastly, Green Day recorded “21 Guns” with the cast of American Idiot last week in Berkeley. A video is going to come out soon. That is going to be amazing.

Until I can post again, have a great weekend!

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