Green Day Bercy Photos’s News Feed (highly recommended; always lots of good stuff) posted a link to some fine photographs taken at Green Day’s concert at Bercy Stadium in Paris. Here’s a sample:

Tré Cool at Bercy

Tré Cool at Bercy

Mike Dirnt at Bercy

Mike Dirnt at Bercy

Billie Joe at Bercy

Billie Joe at Bercy

Oh, and by the way, it’s Adrienne Armstrong’s 40th birthday today. Happy Birthday!!

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5 responses to “Green Day Bercy Photos

  • Phoebe

    Happy Birthday Adrienne:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Delfina

    Thanks for the mention. It would be cool if the photos were a bit bigger… But no complaints. 🙂

    • greendaymind

      I agree, they should be bigger, particularly that one of Tre. It’s hard to get photos of him since he’s so far back from Billie and Mike. Billie so looks like demented in this photo with that hair. Haha.
      And I’m serious, I love your news feed.
      I’ve been trying to write my review on “American Idiot” but I am having the darndest time of it. The subtitle is going to be “The Fan vs. the Critic” so you can only image what that means…ha!

      • Delfina

        I think it’s a lot different depending on who you envision your readers to be. Green Day fans are interested in different things than theater aficionados. But you have a unique perspective as a fan of theater, so I would go with that!

  • Delfina

    Just want to mention that I sometimes have to exclude some posts from the feed to avoid being flagged as a spammer by Google. (The most recent three posts are not in the feed.)

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