Top Searches!

A while ago I had a blog posting by the name of Top Searches! because it struck me as really funny some of the ways that people got to this blog and what they had searched for. Here’s some of my favorite weird ones over the last few weeks. While this list isn’t as funny as the last time around, it is interesting to see what people search for when looking for Green Day information. Sorry, this really excites the librarian part of me, so all of you who don’t like the information world, leave this post now. 🙂



new protests in iran

green day funny faces

green day rolling stones

green day st jimmy diary

green day concert last night

green day for president

green day photo by chris dugan

green day setlist for san antonio.tx

billie joe armstrong rare photos

billy joe armstrong tattoos

billie greendays family pictures (i’ll try to avoid these as much as possible, i think only a video of his mom is somewhere around here)

billie joe’s house (and there never will be a picture here of it)

billie joe y adrienne make the love no t (ah… that was all there was but I wonder what they were looking for!!)

billie joe’s beautiful

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