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Green Day in Bangkok Press Conference

Green Day Press Conference – Bangkok – January 11, 2010

Green Day landed in Thailand and then headed off to a press conference. It’s a pretty funny interview where the band “endorses” Singha beer, Tre opens a beer with a water bottle, Billie proves that he can’t count and gives a nice answer to the interviewer’s question about President Obama and in the end, they are all swamped by flowers. It reminded me of the musical Flower Drum Song for a moment there. All in all, it’s a great press conference and very fun to see the boys saying silly stuff again.

The clip also has also an awesome shout-out to Prima Donna when the interviewer asks them about their opening band. The boys praise PD… and Tre notes that they are huge in Spain and Portugal!

Speaking of Prima Donna, Kevin Preston tweeted this when they got to their hotel room yesterday:

“We are now in Thailand. I am lounging around butt naked in my hotel room 😉 xoxoKevin”

I’m not sure if that is quite what I had in mind when I hoped that Prima Donna (and Green Day) would tweet about their trip to the Far East, but hell, I’ll take it. The visual alone is well worth it. Now, let’s hope there is video!

*thanks to Green Day LIVE on Tour on Facebook for the press conference footage.

The Breakdown will be Twittered: Green Day Edition @greenday

Oh my frigging Lushie Gods, I have heard a Verified Rumor via GDA that the band known as Green Day, those dudes who recently wrote a song about not being part of the Modern World, have wrestled their fledgling and oh so boring Twitter account from whomever decided just to post boring stuff about albums and videos and tour dates and what not instead of fun and stupid stuff like singer Pink, comedienne Sandra Bernhardt, my college friend, actress Rachel True, and a host of other cool people do. Unless your taking part in the Iranian Green Revolution, no one should take Twitter seriously. I’m sure that they were just testing it out, but now that Tré has stolen the password, there should be some funny stuff fulminating around his Twitter parts.

Anyway, it seems that Tré and maybe others will be Tweeting (the regular boring stuff), Twitting (hmmm) and Twatting (oh yes) while maybe not a storm up, some fun stuff on occasion. 

Here’s Tré’s first Tweet:

I am trying to put on guy liner with my feet – tre

DUDE! Good luck with that!


Tré Cool on Rick Dee’s Top 40 Countdown

Green Day from Rick Dees Top 40 Countdown

Green Day from Rick Dee's Top 40 Countdown

Green Day’s Twitter feed posted a link to Greenday.com and a recording of this week’s Rick Dee’s Top 40 Countdown, featuring Tré Cool with Dees. If you can make it through the actual music, listen to this week’s countdown here. I’m listening now and will re-post when Tré comes on and will let you know what you can skip.

Update: The interview takes place in Hour 1, Part 2. Tré talks from his hotel room in Paris, France while the band is on tour. Green Day’s “21 Guns” is at Number 36 this week in the Countdown.

Green Day Adoption Daze

OK, not to start any false rumors or anything about the band adopting a slew of children, but a Twitter user, heckieclaire, just posted a really nice, wistful link about a man taking his son to his first Green Day show… and glowing that Billie Joe had adopted his son… well, it’s hard to explain… just go and read it

BHJ, I think your son is in mighty fine hands with BJA! EEK! 🙂

The Breakdown will be Twittered: San Jose, CA (Welcome Back to Cali Edition)

Welcome back home to California, boys, welcome back to Cali.

AshCamilleB Green day live is insane! And notings better than having a crazy ass moshpit dancer like susana with me! Yaaaaay!!! 2 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

JennBarich At the green day concert. Ooooolldd school. http://twitpic.com/efuk5 3 minutes ago from TwitterFon

patundergone green day is absolutly incredible 4 minutes ago from txt

prettymesss Green day is such a tease 5 minutes ago from Twitterrific

ultracore I can’t believe Danny is twittteing through green day‘s set!! 5 minutes ago from txt

jeff_jordan Green Day in San Jose! Tearing the roof off the sucka! 5 minutes ago from TwitterFon

ultracore Green day isn’t even singing! These guys paid $50 to be here and are doing all the work! 7 minutes ago from txt

eldrix4 I’m not the oldest person at Green Day in San Jose. Phew! 7 minutes ago from Tweets60

leighrowena I’m an hour and a half into Green Day in the Bay, and there are no signs of stopping. #greenday 8 minutes ago from txt

erikbethke Green day! Box seats!! Me!!! Holly fuck I am a lucky bastard!!!!! 8 minutes ago from TwitterFon

angelaocc green day is playing for 3 hours tonight if anyone was wondering lol 8 minutes ago from mobile web

cmedders is rockin’ hard with Green Day. She might be an American Idiot. And she is SO okay with that! #fb 9 minutes ago from mobile web

brainchylde Actually getting to see green day right now. They are on fucking fire tonight. 10 minutes ago from txt

imabor3ddude Green Day brought out the disco ball. Disco ball + concert = pure awesomness. http://mypict.me/nwJj 11 minutes ago from UberTwitter

Iroscionn 4 coronas down. drunk and rockin to green day! 12 minutes ago from txt

bluntzilla http://twitpic.com/efmw9 – HP Pavilion is going crazy! #greenday

And not from California, but a damned good question:

DRainsbergerii The hospital was playing “Good Riddence (Time of Your Life)” by Green Day in the halls today. anyone besides me find that odd? 11 minutes ago from Twidget


From Twitter:

HeadacheSlayer If Greenday is coming 2 your area, RUN & buy tix. Me, JQ& her BF had so much fun. Made me happy 2 see them so happy* #greenday about 9 hours ago from txt

I concur.

*emphasis mine.

The Breakdown will be Twittered: Tampa

933flz http://twitpic.com/cp4rp pyro! Awesome! #GreenDay about 1 hour ago from TweetDeck

933flz http://twitpic.com/cp57o tshirt cannon! #GreenDay

933flz http://twitpic.com/cp51q toilet paper! #GreenDay

933flz Billy Joe just showed his nipple. Sorry we didn’t get a pic. Lol. #GreenDay

The Breakdown will be Twittered

This is a very funny conversation between two hardcores from Twitter. Deathlink is referring to the Green Day show in Ottawa on July 17, 2009:

Meezy2Dope @vrockaknolkasa Fuck Greenday! Listen to some Cannibal Corpse!

Deathlink @vrockaknolkasa You suck..you’re a vampire. I seen Greenday last night..they rocked.