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Razorbax Move on to the Midlands Regional Finals of Surface Unsigned in England!

Razorbax by Connar O'Keefe

Congratulations are in order to the Razorbax, a band I mentioned a month ago just prior to a benefit concert that they played called Punks Play for Autism in London. That show was a huge success, both musically and philanthropically, raising over £1000 for the Autism Trust charity. Green Day donated a rare, one-of-a-kind, 21st Century Breakdown vinyl, signed by the full touring band of the current tour, for the benefit raffle.

I mentioned also that the Razorbax were in the running for Europe’s “Surfaced Unsigned” contest and the regional semi-final would be coming up on July 31st. I’m happy to report that the semi-finals happened and the Razorbax won the chance to perform at the Midlands Regional Finals! Congrats, guys! The show will be happening at the 02 Academy in Birmingham [LINK HERE] on 29 August, a Sunday. The venue holds 2,000 and the Razorbax perform between 11PM and Midnight. They have 100 tickets to sell, so please join them at their Facebook page for more information.

If they make it through the Midlands regional round, they get to perform at London’s 02 for the Surface Unsigned Finals for the chance to win a great package of prizes, too. If you are around Birmingham in late August, go and support them!

The Razorbax will also release their single, “A Better Place,” this coming Tuesday, August 3rd. The song is really great and all of the proceeds go to benefit the Autism Trust. You can hear the song below and use the links in the UPDATE above to buy this excellent debut album!

All the best! Break a leg!

UPDATE: You can follow both the Razorbax and their UK independent, unsigned bands promotion company, Nova-Caine, on Twitter! Also, word on the street is that the Razorbax song, “Wake Up! Wake Up!” was played on an L.A. radio station this past weekend! Woot! Great news! You can buy digital downloads of the Razorbax album, Something to Believe In on iTunes, Amazon UK and ReverbNation.